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popular science share

November 21, 2013

popular science share

Just share some opinions with some other field people.


November 21, 2013

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  1. Watch Out Your Wallet

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  2. In modern society, you may have these

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  3. Or, you may saw these pictures every day.

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  6. Did you unt and your password your password?
    But you do not know what is happened?

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  8. So What's the meaning?
    Your account has been stolen.
    Your bank account may be not safe.
    You need to change your password?

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  9. …what is phishing?
     type of cheat
     designed to steal your valuable personal data
     credit card numbers
     passwords
     account data
     other important personal information

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  10. How do I avoid from becoming a victim …
     Never respond to an email asking for personal
     Always check the URL to see if it is secure.
     Don not use the same account and password in different
     Call you friend if he borrow money when you are
    chatting on the internet.
     Keep your browser updated
     Keep antivirus definitions updated

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