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Common QA issues

Common QA issues

Oursky Limited

August 14, 2015

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  1. Let’s take these as examples... • Make a table reservation

    • Create an account for social chatting • Create an account for art sharing
  2. What we need to consider.. 1. Does the email need

    to be verified? 2. Do we need to restrict users behaviours to make the app consistency? From OUR point of view : 1. The purpose of email 2. The email content 3. The design layout of email
  3. • How to handle long text fields? When users sign

    up / edit profile... • What actions does they take when they want to quit app? Show “...” Expand the text field text is cut
  4. When users want to get up-to-date list from apps... Different

    ways to refresh a list / a table.. • Manually (Pull down / click on a button) • Automatically (Update instantly / through some time) Whether user should be able to scroll a list infinitely.. • Show a limit number of items • Page by page
  5. How should we handle no internet connection issue? • An

    accurate messages should be given to notify users • Display a cached view of last seen data • Display a no network blank screen • Operate normally and sync afterward
  6. Sign up / Login / Profile... When user re-login after

    logging out, previous login name should be auto-filled in at the input text field Uses information should be stored on it User input should not be saved and displayed in this case
  7. User Input Issue description Expected results User input is saved

    even "Cancel" button is clicked User input should not be saved if "Cancel" button is clicked Edited information cannot be saved even users click "Saved" button Edited information should be saved Custom and native back buttons should perform same actions Both custom and native back buttons should go back to previous page
  8. Visual Display Issue description Expected results Option field not showing

    previous selection Native picker should keep user's previous selection Not showing correct type of keyboard (e.g. phone no., numbers) Show the keyboard that matches the input type Keyboard of previous page staying in screen Hide keyboard on submission
  9. End