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It Works on My Machine: Logging and Metrics with .NET Core

It Works on My Machine: Logging and Metrics with .NET Core

Keep an eye on your application in production with strategic use of logging and analytical data collection. Detect and diagnose problems before they become an issue, and give confidence to the powers that be that your systems are working correctly. We'll start slow by logging to the console and explore other options available, including: Serilog, App Metrics, Application Insights, and more! Then we'll put together a Grafana dashboard that will be sure to impress everyone in your office.

John Callaway

March 30, 2019

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  2. JOHN CALLAWAY • Professional developer since 1999 • Specialize in

    web technologies • Primarily with line-of-business • Co-founder – St Pete .NET Meetup • Contributor 6 Figure Developer • Enjoy learning new tech • Microsoft MVP @matsubonsai #OrlandoCC
  3. IT COMPILES, SHIP IT! • If it compiles, ship it

    • Hope it performs well • When a bug is reported • Struggle to repeat it • Fail miserably • Weep in a corner @matsubonsai #OrlandoCC
  4. DOES IT WORK? DOES IT PERFORM? • I think it

    works • It might handle more than one user • I haven’t heard from anyone • What are logs? @matsubonsai #OrlandoCC
  5. AN ERROR HAPPENED, WHAT NOW? • An error happened •

    I can’t reproduce it • Time to update my resume • Are you hiring? @matsubonsai #OrlandoCC
  6. METRICS, METRICS, METRICS • How many users can you handle?

    • Where are the bottlenecks? • Where do errors happen? @matsubonsai #OrlandoCC
  7. WHAT DOES THE DATA TELL US? • Is the data

    meaningful? • What needs our attention? • Make informed decisions @matsubonsai #OrlandoCC
  8. DEMO • Console.WriteLine • ILogger • Serilog • Health Check

    Middleware • App Metrics • Application Insights
  9. IT WORKS ON MY MACHINE • John Callaway • @matsubonsai

    and @6figuredev • www.6figuredev.com • https://www.linkedin.com/in/johncallaway @matsubonsai #OrlandoCC