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Day of TDD

Day of TDD

It's increasingly important in our industry that we deliver quality, working software in a timely manner. TDD is but one way that we can accomplish this. We'll work to define TDD, learn the benefits associated with Test Driven Development, and how to accomplish this in our daily jobs.

The day will start with a brief introduction, then we are going to dive right in. You'll learn the basics, some advanced techniques, and how to avoid pitfalls along the way. We'll primarily be focusing on C# and .NET, but will cover testing in JavaScript as well.

John Callaway

August 19, 2017

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  2. SETTING EXPECTATIONS • What do you hope to get out

    of this?
  3. AGENDA • History of TDD • Code Kata • C#

    example • Lunch • JavaScript example • Raffle
  4. THE BOWLING GAME KATA • Kata – exercise • Overview

    • Pair up and whiteboard • Start to code • https://github.com/StPeteNet
  5. C# - HORSE EXAMPLE • Download the soure • https://github.com/ovation22/PragmaticTDD

  6. JAVASCRIPT EXAMPLE • We will TDD TodoMVC.com • https://github.com/ClaytonHunt/DayOfTDD-JS

  7. RAFFLE • Books!

  8. RESOURCES • Test Driven Development by Example – Kent Beck

    • Clean Code and The Clean Coder – Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) • CleanCoders.com • http://osherove.com/tdd-training/