Leveraging Style Guides to Enhance Client Experience

Leveraging Style Guides to Enhance Client Experience

We all know that designing for a CMS requires an approach that champions systems, not pages. Communicating this approach to your clients can be, well, hard. In the interest of establishing a shared understanding of the systems, not pages concept, we expose our thinking in the form of a style guide that gradually evolves throughout the course of the project. Our style guide documents the system by abstracting the many design objects that can be assembled to create a page. This level of abstraction helps us illustrate the logic and relationships behind the design decisions we make. This, in turn, leads to more meaningful conversations around the design objects and their roles within the system. In this presentation, Michael Mesker and Patrick Grady, designers at Palantir.net, will discuss the evolution of the style guide from a reference point to a deliverable that transforms clients into empowered decision makers.


Patrick Grady

April 29, 2014