An Introduction to Monetizing Your Website

D26cac7eab8269c9a32bb6eeac0b4409?s=47 Patrick O'Keefe
November 17, 2012

An Introduction to Monetizing Your Website

When people think about monetizing a website, they often think about display advertising – and for good reason. It is a mature medium with many companies and services that exist to support it. But there is so much more.

In this session, we will briefly introduce the myriad of methods that are available to you, discuss how to get started, share tips on how to move past the starting gate and name some of the vendors that you can work with.

Since there are several methods to discussion, I aim to give you an idea of what is out there and how you can get to work, allowing you to do further research into the methods that speak to you.


Patrick O'Keefe

November 17, 2012