The Stoic Geek: Finding Your Way as a New Developer

The Stoic Geek: Finding Your Way as a New Developer

Landing your first job in a new, high-tech profession isn’t easy for anyone, let alone for students who have yet to gain a lot of practical experience. Here I will share the tricks and philosophies I’ve learned as a self-taught developer that help me to overcome the persistence of “impostor syndrome”, to navigate a quickly-changing field, and to work happily with my colleagues.


Jacob Cook

January 12, 2018


  1. The Stoic Geek Finding Your Way as a New Developer

    by Jacob Cook Presented at CUSEC 2018
  2. Who am I? @peakwinter Jacob Cook Software Engineer, Savoir-faire Linux

  3. Welcome to the party @peakwinter #CUSEC2018

  4. Everyone’s an impostor @peakwinter #CUSEC2018

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  7. Seneca Surprisingly Down-to-Earth (For A Rich Guy) @peakwinter #CUSEC2018

  8. Speak up! @peakwinter #CUSEC2018

  9. @peakwinter #CUSEC2018

  10. @peakwinter #CUSEC2018 Junior Intermediate Senior }!= “Right” “Wrong”

  11. Beware of shiny things and “know-it-alls” @peakwinter #CUSEC2018

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  15. Can’t win ‘em all… (and that’s OK) @peakwinter #CUSEC2018

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  17. Epictetus The “It’s not you, it’s me” Philosopher @peakwinter #CUSEC2018

  18. The Dichotomy of Control @peakwinter #CUSEC2018 Things you can control

    Things you cannot control
  19. 75% Communication 25% Coding @peakwinter #CUSEC2018

  20. Thank you! @peakwinter #CUSEC2018 Recommended reading: A Guide to the

    Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy William B. Irvine