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Mastering Spring Boot

Mastering Spring Boot

Describes how to master the autoconfiguration feature of Spring Boot.


Andres Pedes Morales

October 18, 2017

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  1. Speaker, Java Evangelist, JSR-367 Contributor, JCP Member, Auth0 Ambassador, DZone

    MVB, Java EE Guardian Hello! I’m Andrés Céspedes Morales Twitter: @andrespedes Github: @pedes www.andrespedes.com
  2. #Java2Days2017 Bulgaria @andrespedes Insights & Metrics Actuator Configuration based on

    classes, beans & properties AutoConfiguration CLI Stands for Command Line Interface Spring CLI SPRING BOOT ESSENTIALS Wrap-up libraries Starters
  3. #Java2Days2017 Bulgaria @andrespedes It’s cool Top OS Project Java-based configuration

    XML-less Convention over configuration Ease to Config SPRING BOOT FEATURES Simplify project development Bootstrap
  4. #Java2Days2017 Bulgaria @andrespedes Knowledge transfer Customize and build your own

    autoconfig Build a project and use it in production PATH TO MASTERY