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Software Security a Modern Overview

Software Security a Modern Overview

This talk walks you through the process of understanding software security from different roles and why it's important to address this concern.

Also, includes several starting points in this security journey.

Andres Pedes Morales

December 22, 2020

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  1. I bet, you do! Documents Store them in a safe

    box Home Keys and locks Car Set alarms ATM Remember your pins Web Keep passwords Phone You set lock patterns
  2. WHAT & WHY SECURITY 01 An overview of software security,

    and its importance PITFALLS AND ITS IMPACT 02 Which problems could you run into? BEST PRACTICES, TOOLS & METHODS 03 Improve your awareness and your defense toolbelt WHAT’S NEXT? 04 Tap into the superpowers of security AGENDA
  3. WHAT IS SOFTWARE SECURITY? AWARENESS What was in risk, what

    is in risk and what will it be. TRAINING Don’t forget the human factor TECHNOLOGY You need tools to ease the goal achievement ASSESSMENT Measure. Rinse and repeat
  4. HUMANS CAN SLIP UP MALICE Humans are evil ERROR Unconscious

    mistake CHANCE Yes! Bad luck still matters I’m just a filler
  5. THREATS & ATTACKS (Threat) Bad things could happen to your

    assets, based on a type of action (attack)
  6. A STORY ABOUT COMPUTER SECURITY The Turing Machine responsible for

    cracking the Nazi encryption system known as Enigma.
  7. Damage related to cybercrime is projected to hit $6 trillion

    annually by 2021 FINANCIAL POLITICAL A data breach could be used to influence the elections IMPACT
  8. You already can see this with marketing and media campaigns

    SOCIAL ENVIRONMENTAL Misuse of equipment, or data can also influence environmental-critical decisions. IMPACT
  9. Let’s take a look from different perspectives, as software developer,

    as architect, as user, as manager, etc. SOLUTION
  10. TOP 10 THREATS STANDARDS Top 10 web security risks Also,

    Top 10 for APIs OWASP Secure Coding Practices-Quick Reference Guide OWASP
  11. 82% of employers report a shortage of cybersecurity skills 0%

    cybersecurity unemployment rate for 2021
  12. SUMMARY WE Own security at our working place and daily

    life START By taking a simple step PROTECTING Your assets, data and resources OFFENSIVE is the ultimate defense technique
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