Modern Monitoring for .NET

Modern Monitoring for .NET

​In the world of .NET, monitoring your application has traditionally been to install WMI performance counters and let Operations sort it out. This means learning about how to install performance counters, how to do this via scripts in the cloud, how to get the data out of them, how to alert on them, and how to visualise them in something other than PerfMon. Not to mention how to debug why they break down under load.

Anyone who has done this (that hasn't given up in frustration!) knows that it's no simple task.

Chris and Pete will introduce the Open Source tools used at JUST EAT (and various others) in their high-volume, cloud-native, buzzword compliant microservice-based .NET platform. This talk will include a whirlwind tour of our tooling: statsd, graphite, grafana, logstash, elasticsearch, kibana as well as some culture changes that using these tools unlocked.


Peter Mounce

July 03, 2015