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Monitoring JUST EAT on AWS

Monitoring JUST EAT on AWS

Or, why we didn't just use CloudWatch.

Peter Mounce

April 24, 2015

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  1. Monitoring JUST EAT on AWS (Or: why we didn’t just

    use AWS CloudWatch) Peter Mounce @petemounce / @justeat_tech
  2. What did we want? Peter Mounce @petemounce / @justeat_tech One

    source of truth Alerts that fire in (hopefully) a few seconds Data we can keep for a long time Data we can get rid of when we want
  3. What did we end up with? Harvests OS-level perf-counters into

    statsd Apps publish their own metrics where they choose Publishers: PerfTap + app-specific Peter Mounce @petemounce / @justeat_tech
  4. What did we end up with? Send metrics over UDP:

    timers.uk.paymentsapi.checkout.200.005.eu-west-1.a:343|ms Receiver: StatsD (by Etsy) Peter Mounce @petemounce / @justeat_tech
  5. What did we end up with? Check-runner / alerter: Seyren

    Peter Mounce @petemounce / @justeat_tech
  6. What did we end up with? absolute( diffSeries( movingAverage( sumSeries(

    stats_counts.consumercommunicationservice.uk.*.event-*.reaction-savetoken.*.eu-west-1.*) ,50), movingAverage( sumSeries( stats.timers.api-consumer.asp-net-responses.*authorizetoken.put.200.*.*.*.count, stats.timers.api-consumer.asp-net-responses.loginuser.post.200.*.*.*.count, stats.timers.api-consumer.asp-net-responses.create.post.201.*.*.*.count ) ,50) ) ) Example alert (comprehensible) Peter Mounce @petemounce / @justeat_tech
  7. What did we end up with? • PagerDuty • Grafana

    • HipChat Some other stuff too Peter Mounce @petemounce / @justeat_tech
  8. What does it cost? Peter Mounce @petemounce / @justeat_tech Graphite

    + whisper 1x m3.2xlarge, 12x 1TB @ 500 PIOPs StatsD 1x m3.xlarge Carbon-relay 1x m3.xlarge Seyren 1x c3.xlarge Grafana S3 website PagerDuty somebody else’s problem ;-) Buys: 200k metrics / sec & alarm latency around 2min
  9. What did we gain? Graphite has more analysis functions than

    CloudWatch does. Graphite: ~100 CloudWatch: 5…? Rich set of data analysis functions Peter Mounce @petemounce / @justeat_tech
  10. What did we gain? CloudWatch - retains data for 2

    weeks … or until shortly after resources are terminated … so we would need to archive data ourselves Capability for historical analysis Peter Mounce @petemounce / @justeat_tech
  11. What did we gain? CloudWatch • 1 min granularity •

    ~2 min latency (CloudWatch::DynamoDB - 5 min granularity on CCU) Our MTR-React is shorter Peter Mounce @petemounce / @justeat_tech