DevOps Day Chicago 2017 - Your Body's Configuration is Important, Too

Adf8d46e927a78b42773fa52e27e3bee?s=47 Peter Piekarczyk
September 12, 2017

DevOps Day Chicago 2017 - Your Body's Configuration is Important, Too

“I didn’t recognize you without your computer!” is what I used to hear a lot. I was in a constant battle with myself to keep coding, more and more. There’s so much to learn, so many different products to build - how am I ever going to have the time to build it?

If you’ve had those thoughts - you’re not the only one. We spend our days, nights and lives sitting in front of our computer screens and we forget to take care of ourselves. Anxiety, stress and depression are becoming bigger parts of our lives whether or not we want to admit it.

It’s time to take a break and talk about ourselves! How do we fix our own bugs? How do we perform better? How can we improve upon the anxiety that’s been bogging us down?

We need to, as a community start acknowledging these issues and talking about them in person. You can introduce all the new frameworks in the world but if developers are getting panic attacks and throwing their computers out the window, what’s the point?


Peter Piekarczyk

September 12, 2017