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2019 GOTO Conf - Future of React & ReasonML

2019 GOTO Conf - Future of React & ReasonML

Learn about what Reason and ReasonReact, why there's been so much hype around it and how you can get ahead of this cutting edge language, framework and philosophy and lead the pact!

Peter Piekarczyk

April 30, 2019

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  1. Peter Piekarczyk •Polish •Loves to Cycle •ReasonML Lover •Expo /

    React Native Lover •Loves Plants (@petersplantss) •Y Combinator Alumn •Co-Founder of Draftbit
  2. Layers (Js) Frame (Yoga / Wasm / Reason) Config (JS

    / Reason) Live Preview / Code Gen (Reason) Navigator (Reason)
  3. Draftbit Stack • React & ReasonML • Web Assembly •

    Expo • GraphQL & Apollo • Postgres
  4. • Created by React creator • Familiar Javascript syntax •

    Battle-tested language • Friendly compiler
  5. • Compiles >10x faster than Babel • Eliminates typical JS

    errors • Easy to use within your existing JS app • Compiled code is easy to debug