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ReasonML - The Future of React 💯

ReasonML - The Future of React 💯

ReasonML is a new language and way to build not just websites powered by ReactJS, but powers a whole new ecosystem of utilization. Electron apps, CLIs, VM-based servers and any application JavaScript currently has can be improved using ReasonML. Build native CLI tools that are fast. Build native MacOS apps that don’t have to require all of Chrome and a 100mb min bundle size. Run your ReasonML apps on bare metal!

Peter Piekarczyk

June 29, 2019

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  1. Peter Piekarczyk •Y Combinator Alumn •Huge Expo / React Native

    Fan •Loves Plants (@petersplantss) •Loves Cycling •Loves ReasonML •Co-Founder of Draftbit
  2. Layers (Js) Frame (Yoga / Wasm / Reason) Config (JS

    / Reason) Live Preview / Code Gen (Reason) Navigator (Reason)
  3. Draftbit Stack • React & ReasonML • Web Assembly •

    Expo • GraphQL & Apollo • Postgres
  4. • Created by React creator • Familiar Javascript syntax •

    Battle-tested language • Friendly compiler • Multiple compile targets
  5. • Compiles >10x faster than Babel • Eliminates typical JS

    errors • Easy to use within your existing JS app • Compiled code is easy to debug