2018 - React Chicago - ReasonReact - A Love Story

2018 - React Chicago - ReasonReact - A Love Story

When I first met ReactJS, it was love at first sight. We built beautiful UIs for years together with our firstborn, Redux. I felt like nothing would get between us. Not even when a younger, skinnier version came along (Preact). Life was good.

Everything changed when ReasonReact showed up on our block. I was curious, of course. Didn’t act on it, though. Why would I? We’d run into each other a lot since we shared the same circles. One day, the temptations got too strong. What was I thinking? Nothing about what I was doing felt right, at first. I was leaving a lot behind but for some weird reason, I knew I’d end up here anyway. I mean, it’s not like we’re splitting apart. React will still be there, but so will Reason...

I’m here to announce my love affair.


Peter Piekarczyk

June 27, 2018