2019 MagnoliaJS: Building Expo Apps with Draftbit

2019 MagnoliaJS: Building Expo Apps with Draftbit

As developers, the last thing we want to do is push pixels. The cool stuff lies in the API, data, animations, component flow and architecture, so why do I still spend all this time pushing pixels?

As a React Native veteran, former consultant, co-host of React Native Radio, I’ve struggled through it for years which is how we got the idea for Draftbit. Draftbit is a way to let your other team members deal with the pixel pushing and let you run free.

Draftbit uses the same layout engine in the browser as it does on your device which means we can perfectly recreate any screen that you’ve built in the past. The software runs in the browser, is powered by ReasonML and GraphQL and has the coolest looking UI on the web right now. There’s a lot of cool stuff under the hood that I’m excited to share with you.


Peter Piekarczyk

April 18, 2019