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2019 App.js Conf - Building Expo & React Native Apps with Draftbit

2019 App.js Conf - Building Expo & React Native Apps with Draftbit

Peter Piekarczyk

April 05, 2019

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  1. Peter Piekarczyk • Polish • Loves to Cycle • ReasonML

    Enthusiast • React Native Lover (obv) • Expo’s First User • Loves Plants (@petersplantss) • Y Combinator Alumn • Co-Founder of Draftbit
  2. Orchard • Manage your personal & professional connections • Keep

    in touch with the people you already know
 • Built with Expo, GraphQL, React Navigation
 • Accepted into Y Combinator
  3. –Every Medium writer “The Ultimate Guide to Finding Yourself While

    You’re Standing On a Mountain Top in Colorado”
  4. — Someone who started 16 companies in 2 weeks to

    write a Medium article about it “What I learned starting 16 companies in 2 weeks”
  5. —The guy who stole source code from Tesla and got

    caught and wrote a Medium article about it “10 Secrets to Starting Businesses Elon Musk Doesn’t Want You To Know About”
  6. • React / ReasonML • Web Assembly • Expo •

    GraphQL • Postgres Draftbit Stack