Dreams, Drugs and ConvNets

Dreams, Drugs and ConvNets

Artefacts of human and artificial cognition.
at Studenckie Koło Naukowe Neurobiologii, the University of Warsaw


Piotr Migdał

March 02, 2017


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    Dreams, Drugs & ConvNets Piotr Migdał, PhD deepsense.io / freelancer

    http://p.migdal.pl/ 2 Mar 2017, Studenckie Koło Naukowe Neurobiologii UW
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    Deep Learning progress • image recognition, neural style, word analogies,

    per-char translations, playing ATARI games, Go, [no idea what’s next] • fast-paced (more than my quantum physics PhD):
 6 month ago a breakthrough, now a baseline • (no questions about Singularity please!)
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    Artificial neural networks • Multidimensional arrays • Simple matrix operations

    (add, multiply) • Floats (not spikes) • Simple activation functions (sigmoid, ReLU) • Cost function and back-propagation • A lot of weights (e.g. 100M)
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    Big questions • creating general AI or sentient beings •

    transferring our minds (mind uploading) “I mean, if we're able to save even just a small piece of ourselves, why wouldn't we do that?” - SOMA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZTfi1jv-EE
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    Flesh vs machines:
 practical questions • Cross-inspiration: • Machine Learning

    to Human Cognition • Human Cognition to Machine Learning • Common abstractions • Learning in general • Hierarchical signal processing
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    The biggest lie of every
 parent, pet owner
 and neural

    network trainer: “I’ve never shown it that, it must have learned it by itself!”
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    • What should I use:

    good GPU! http://alexgrey.com/shop/st-al.html
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    Learning what is important • Object consistency • Toddler needs

    to learn, so do ConvNets http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/illusion-chasers/what-little-babies-see-that-you-no-longer-can/
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    Questions? • If you want to learn: • http://lumiverse.io/series/neural-networks-demystified •

    https://gist.github.com/stared/7de2908b9bcba01c39ee3c591875a23c • http://www.deeplearningbook.org/ • Keras (on top of TensorFlow) in Jupyter Notebook • https://medium.com/@mateuszsieniawski/keras-with-gpu-on-amazon-ec2-a-step-by- step-instruction-4f90364e49ac#.4i1norivh • https://www.erowid.org/ http://p.migdal.pl/ + I do like emails: pmigdal@gmail.com