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RBS and Rails, Present and Future

March 25, 2022

RBS and Rails, Present and Future


March 25, 2022

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  1. スライドトップと



    山田 太郎

    © Money Forward, Inc.
    RBS and Rails,

    Present and Future

    Masataka Pocke Kuwabara

    © Money Forward, Inc.
    2022-03-25 銀座Rails#43 

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  2. ● Money Forward Osaka Office

    ● Live in Okayama

    ● A maintainer of RBS

    I’m Masataka Pocke

    GitHub: @pocke

    © Money Forward, Inc.

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  4. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● I work since Feb. 15 2022

    ● 50% for developing a Rails app, 50% for
    developing OSS (RBS)

    ● Currently I'm working on updating Ruby 3.1
    and introducing Steep to the Rails app.

    I joined Money Forward, inc!

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  5. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● ruby/gem_rbs_collection#124: [activesupport] Remove Class#subclasses

    ● ruby/rbs#905: Remove CharScanner due to no longer used

    ● ruby/rbs#907: Reduce memory usage of RBS::Buffer

    ● kpumuk/meta-tags#237: Separate RBS files to _internal directory to avoid exposing RBS

    ● ruby/rbs#914: Accept Numeric by Integer#{upto,downto}

    ● ruby/rbs#919: Fix bin/sort for constants

    ● rbs/pull#921: Add manifest.yaml for rbs gem

    ● ruby/rbs#926: Fix bin/sort (WIP)

    ● pocke/rbs_rails#212: CI against Ruby 3.1

    ● pocke/rbs_rails#213: Bundle update to update rbs and steep

    ● pocke/rbs_rails#214: Documentation update

    ● pocke/rbs_rails#215: Fix spec

    ● pocke/rbs_rails#216: Generate dependency types of relations

    ● pocke/rbs_rails#217: Add rails generator to generate rbs.rake
    ● pocke/rbs_rails#218: Do not expose polyfil RBSs

    My works

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  6. Okayama

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  7. © Money Forward, Inc.

    #okayama in our slack (1/2)

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  8. © Money Forward, Inc.

    #okayama in our slack (1/2)

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  9. © Money Forward, Inc.

    I really recommend Kakioko (Oyster

    Go to Hinase (日生)!!!!!

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  10. © Money Forward, Inc.

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  11. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● What is RBS

    ● RBS and Rails (Present)

    ● RBS and Rails (Future)


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  12. © Money Forward, Inc.
    What is RBS

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  13. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● "RBS is a language to describe the
    structure of Ruby programs."

    ○ https://github.com/ruby/rbs#rbs

    ● Type Language for Ruby

    ● RBS is available since Ruby 2.6

    ○ But I highly recommend Ruby 2.7+

    RBS is …

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  14. © Money Forward, Inc.
    class String
    def gsub: (String | Regexp pat, String rep) -> String
    RBS Syntax

    mple.md as a tutorial,
    as a reference.

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  15. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● ruby/rbs

    ● ruby/gem_rbs_collection

    ● ruby/typeprof

    ● soutaro/steep

    ● pocke/rbs_rails

    Today I do not talk about Sorbet tools󰢛

    Related Projects

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  16. Type Checkers

    © Money Forward, Inc.
    Related Projects














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  17. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● You can use it with `gem install rbs`

    ● Defines RBS language

    ● Provides RBS loader for other tools

    ● Provides tools to support using RBS

    ● Contains core and stdlib's RBS files


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  18. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● Provides gems' RBSs, such as activesupport

    ● Similar with DefinitelyTyped for TypeScript

    ● Contributions are welcome!

    ○ https://github.com/ruby/gem_rbs_collection/blob/main


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  19. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● A type checker for Ruby


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  20. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● A type checker for Ruby


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  21. © Money Forward, Inc.
    Difference between Steep and


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  22. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● RBS files generator for Ruby on Rails

    ● It focuses on generating methods generated
    by Rails.


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  23. © Money Forward, Inc.
    RBS and Rails

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  24. © Money Forward, Inc.
    How to introduce RBS
    to Rails app

    1. Add gems to Gemfile

    2. Setup rbs collection

    3. Setup RBS Rails

    4. Setup Steep

    5. Run🚀

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  25. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● Add rbs, steep, and rbs_rails gems to Gemfile

    ● Then run `bundle install`

    Add gems to Gemfile

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  26. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● rbs collection setups dependencies' RBSs.

    ○ See my talk at RubyKaigi Takeout 2021

    ● Run the following commands

    ○ `rbs collection init`

    ○ `rbs collection install`

    Setup rbs collection

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  27. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● Run `rails g rbs_rails:install`

    ● Then, run `rake rbs_rails:all` to generate
    RBSs for AR models

    Setup RBS Rails

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  28. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● Run `steep init`

    ● Edit Steepfile

    ● Run `steep check`

    Setup & run Steep

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  29. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● Use `steep langserver`

    ○ https://github.com/soutaro/steep-vscode

    ○ https://github.com/emacs-lsp/lsp-mode

    ○ https://github.com/prabirshrestha/vim-lsp

    Using steep from editor

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  30. Now we can use type checking
    with Steep! Is it ready to

    © Money Forward, Inc.

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  31. No

    © Money Forward, Inc.

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  32. © Money Forward, Inc.
    Currently I got 410 type errors on our Rails app,
    and it does not analyze whole of code.

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  33. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● More accurate type checking

    ○ Generating RBS

    ○ Enhance RBS Rails

    ○ Write more RBSs in gem_rbs_collection 

    ○ Support meta-programming in RBS 

    ● Introducing RBS to a team smoothly

    ○ Run Steep on CI

    ○ Improve performance 

    ○ Generating RBS "continuously" 

    ○ Share knowledge to team 


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  34. © Money Forward, Inc.
    RBS and Rails

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  35. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● More accurate type checking

    ○ Generating RBS

    ○ Enhance RBS Rails

    ○ Write more RBSs in gem_rbs_collection 

    ○ Support meta-programming in RBS 

    ● Introducing RBS to a team smoothly

    ○ Run Steep on CI

    ○ Improve performance 

    ○ Generating RBS "continuously" 

    ○ Share knowledge to team 

    Issues (again)

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  36. © Money Forward, Inc.
    Generating RBS

    1. Current Behavior

    2. Problem

    3. Goal

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  37. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● There are three command to generate RBS

    ○ `rbs prototype rb`

    ○ `rbs prototype runtime`

    ○ `typeprof` (I don't talk today󰢛)

    Generating RBS: Current Behavior

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  38. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● It parses `.rb` file, and generate RBS

    ○ `rbs prototype rb path/to/file.rb`

    ● 👍 Easy to run, easy to guess what will be generated

    ● 👎 Not good at meta-programming

    ○ e.g. eval, define_method, etc...

    rbs prototype rb

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  39. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● It executes Ruby program, then extract method
    information with meta-programming

    ○ `rbs prototype runtime KlassName`

    ● 👍 Good at meta-programming

    ● 👎 It may raise an error, generate dirty RBSs.

    ● 👎 User needs to specify class name.

    rbs prototype runtime

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  40. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● I recommend using `rbs prototype rb`

    ● But it is not the "Silver Bullet"


    Current state of generating RBS

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  41. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● `rbs prototype rb` is not good at meta programming

    ● It may generate RBS does not work standalone

    ○ e.g. on `class C < D`, it generates C but doesn't generate

    ● We still get type errors even if it runs with generated

    ● It is not aware of existing RBSs


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  42. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● For meta-programming

    ○ → It should be based on `prototype runtime`

    ● To work standalone

    ○ → Fix bugs, generate dependency types

    ● To avoid type errors

    ○ → Generate more lenient types

    ● To be aware of existing RBSs

    ○ `rbs subtract` may solve this issue


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  43. © Money Forward, Inc.

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  44. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● takahasim-san wrote an article about this problem
    few days ago (Japanese).

    ○ Rails + RBS & Steepを試してみて困ったところとか感想
    とか - Qiita

    ● e.g. different self in lambda

    ○ validate :foobar, if: -> { new_record? }

    Support meta-programming

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  45. © Money Forward, Inc.

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  46. © Money Forward, Inc.
    ● We can start introducing RBS easily, but it
    still has many problems.

    ● I'm working on generating RBS. It should
    generate RBSs that work out of the box.

    ● Go to Hinase, Eat Kakioko🦪🦪🦪


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  47. ©Money Forward, Inc.
    We are hiring!

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