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Project on Real Time Dashboard

Project on Real Time Dashboard


April 07, 2013

Other Decks in Programming


  1. Real-­‐‑time  Applications •  Set Interval Technique The poll ready to

    execute after 30 seconds. •  Set Time out Technique Recursively self executing function. •  Ajax Polling Act of regularly retrieving data from the server to obtain near live data. •  Long Polling Keeps connection open for faster response time. Function to be called when request finishes (HTML5 WebSockets)
  2. Node.js •  Event-based and Asynchronous/Non-Blocking •  Single Thread and lock

    free •  Traditional Model – Thread-based system •  Fast food Restaurant Analogy •  Express Framework
  3. Angular.js •  Rich client apps •  Two-way Data Binding -

    Variable kept up to date as they change •  Server Communication •  Directives - Custom directives can be used to create reusable components
  4. Socket.io •  It abstracts away Websockets and other communication schemes

    •  Feature detection to decide if the connection will be established with WebSocket, AJAX long polling, Flash, etc., •  WebSocket servers and clients can push each other messages.
  5. Implementation •  Implemented a Service that reads data from HTTP

    interface. •  Implemented a Controller that calls the service and puts the data from service in a model. •  Implemented a view that renders the model in HTML page •  Transformed data and plotted graphs using Javascript libraries. (Angular Directives to plot graphs using) simple HTML tags)