LeakCanary 2: Leaner, Better, Faster, Kotliner!

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April 22, 2019

LeakCanary 2: Leaner, Better, Faster, Kotliner!

LeakCanary 2 Alpha 1 will be released right before this talk, come learn about hot new features, crazy improvements and gnarly implementation details!

LeakCanary 1 helped detect memory leaks but had several issues: constant freeze of the UI, OOM crashes while analyzing, results hard to analyze, a confusing API, and an ugly logo.

No more! Come learn about multiple leak detection, leak grouping, smarter analysis results, counting leaks in production, detecting leaks in UI tests... and much more!

Oh and LeakCanary 2 is 100% Kotlin, updated to Android X, and it even has a cute new logo!



April 22, 2019