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Live Event - IronTract Challenge

93db9b0e0345ae07590524726fec5e95?s=47 Paulo
October 09, 2020

Live Event - IronTract Challenge



October 09, 2020

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  1. Organizers: https://qmenta.com/brain-innovation-hub

  2. Today • The IronTract Challenge @Anastasia (5min) • Round I:

    Results of IronTract Challenge @Chiara (10min) • Round II: How can you participate? @Chiara (15min) • A tutorial on how to share your code @Gabriel (15min) • And the winners... • Q&A https://qmenta.com/brain-innovation-hub
  3. 1. Developers push their code to Docker Hub 2. Developers

    create the tool in the platform linking to the image in Docker hub 3. User starts the analysis QMENTA pulls the respective image + the patient data, executes, and puts back the results Get the results and reports! How to share your code, in 3 easy steps? https://qmenta.com/brain-innovation-hub
  4. How to share your code? Join the Brain Innovation Hub

    and start connecting today IronTract example: https://github.com/gabknight/qmenta-sdk-example-irontract-challenge About development: Deployment of your tools on the QMENTA system. - SDK documentation: https://docs.qmenta.com/sdk/ Use simple python scripts to efficiently work on your QMENTA projects. - API documentation: https://docs.qmenta.com/core/ GitHub with SDK Example: - Tutorial: https://github.com/qmentasdk/qmenta-sdk-tool-tutorial - Example: https://github.com/qmentasdk/qmenta-sdk-example Some useful links: Invite link: http://qmenta.com/brain-innovation-hub https://qmenta.com/brain-innovation-hub
  5. To be eligible for the prize, the team must submit

    their code (as Docker version) through QMENTA’s SDK And the winners... $1000 $2000 $500 2nd 1st 3rd Sponsored by: https://qmenta.com/brain-innovation-hub
  6. Are you ready? IrontTract Challenge Round II Share your code

    until 8th November 2020 https://irontract.mgh.harvard.edu/ https://qmenta.com/brain-innovation-hub