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Blockchain Developers Meetup 04

Blockchain Developers Meetup 04


Milen Radkov

November 09, 2018

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  1. None
  2. • Cardano (Ada) Rust project • 'Liquid Network': Blockstream's Bitcoin

    Sidechain goes Live • Ethereum Constantinople Upgrade Delayed Until 2019 • Security issues found in ½ of all exchanges • Zcash- Sapling • Bitcoin Smart Contracts • EOS Report dev news
  3. Cardano • Cardano launched an open source project, toolkit that

    will allow third party developers penetrate the Cardano ecosystem. • Rust project is a Cardano API that was written with a command-line interface and a Cardano wallet and works with the Cardano settlement layer that is designed in Haskell. • It is compatible with iOS, web and Android
  4. Bitcoin Sidechain • Liquid and Lightning: What’s the Difference? •

    Liquid is sidechain built on the Bitcoin network, facilitating faster bitcoin transactions between businesses and individuals. • The main purpose for the technology is faster settlements, improved transaction confidentiality, and tokenization for various assets.
  5. Ethereum Hard Fork • Constantinople Test Hard Fork Goes Awry

    • Notable changes include a 33% reduction in Ether block rewards and a potential change to the consensus mechanism of Ethereum to rid the network of ASICs
  6. Exchange Security • only 46% of cryptocurrency exchanges meet the

    desired security parameters • Console errors - 32% of exchanges have code errors that lead to operational malfunction • User Account Security - 41% allow for the creation of a password less than 8 characters • Web Protocols Only 10% of exchanges used all 5 security measures - HTTPS headers in URLs, X-SXX- protection headers, content security policy headers, x-frame-options headers, and x-content-type headers.
  7. Zcash Saplin • Light client support • The Sapling protocol

    will allow shielded transfers to be completed with about 100 times less memory (40mb of memory) and probably six or more times faster. • with the upgrade, the team hopes it can ultimately remove transparent transactions that can be damaging anonymity when used together with shielded transactions. • an era of "privacy-by-default"
  8. Smarter Bitcoin • First Truckload Shipment Using Bitcoin Smart Contracts

    using Rootstock (RSK) • Funds for the transaction were held in escrow by the smart contract on the integrated RSK platform and were automatically released to the carrier upon delivery.
  9. EOS Report • “EOS is not a blockchain, rather a

    distributed homogeneous database management system, a clear distinction in that their transactions are not cryptographically validated.” • “The performance metrics observed when factors such as real world network latency and packet loss are implemented indicate that TPS in EOS approaches levels comparable to Ethereum.” • Various forms of consensus failure were shown in the network testing. Consensus is entirely dependent upon the voting mechanism which is based on social consensus, not algorithmic BFT consensus.”
  10. resources • Cardano - https://smartereum.com/37313/cardano-future-forecast-cardano-ada-takes-its-blockchain-to-a-whole-new- level-with-a-new-toolkit-ada-news-today/ • Liquid Network -

    https://www.ccn.com/liquid-network-blockstreams-bitcoin-sidechain-is-now-live/ • ETH hard fork - https://ethereumworldnews.com/ethereum-constantinople-blockchain-upgrade-delayed-until-2019/ • Exchanges security - https://www.ccn.com/over-half-of-all-crypto-exchanges-have-security-vulnerabilities-report/amp/ • Zcash – Sapling - https://www.coindesk.com/zcashs-next-upgrade-to-make-private-transactions-100x-lighter-and-6x- faster/ • Smarter Bitcoin RSK - https://www.ccn.com/logistics-firm-completes-first-truckload-shipment-using-bitcoin-smart- contracts/ • EOS Report - https://www.trustnodes.com/2018/11/05/eos-misled-the-public-on-the-number-of-transactions-it-can- handle-says-new-study