NodeJS, why?

NodeJS, why?

An introductory presentation about Node.js platform that I presented on JusBrasil TED Talks. In this presentation I explain Node.js to beginners, show how it works and why it should be used. I also show who are using it and where it have been used besides web servers.


Rafael Verger

April 18, 2014


  1. why? @rafaelverger

  2. anyone? What problem Node.js tries to solve?

  3. I/O L . . .

  4. loading next slide ... I/O L . . .

  5. I/O Latency

  6. Web servers basic workflow


  8. How to solve it? THREADS...

  9. Threads or Subprocesses That's how we used to scale our

    apps 1. 2. idle busy
  10. How Node.js works Single process, Event Loop, Async I/O idle

  11. Node.js Event Loop

  12. How Node.js is built? libuv

  13. How Node.js code looks like? var http = require('http'); http.createServer(function

    (req, res) { res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'}); res.end('Hello World\n'); }).listen(1337, ''); console.log('Server running at');
  14. Bad stuff / Callback Hell :( @helielson

  15. Bad stuff / Callback Hell :(

  16. SOLVED \o/ Bad stuff / Callback Hell :(

  17. Since Node.js use only 1 single thread/process, in a single

    core, if a tasks takes too long to complete, the whole app will be stuck... Bad stuff / CPU Intensive tasks :( But don't worry.. it's very easy to spawn a child process and let him do the job :)
  18. Bad stuff / CPU Intensive tasks :( SOLVED spawning a

    child process \o/
  19. Bad stuff / Not a large community

  20. Bad stuff / Not a large community

  21. Bad stuff / Not a large community Now, in English:

  22. Goooood stuff :) - HUUUUGE Community! - Native and MANDATORY

    event driven programming - ES5 is all there - ES6 is almost done - Cross-platform (desktop, web, mobile, linux, windows, osx, one language to rule them all!! )
  23. Node.js Community

  24. Who builds Node.js ? We :D Core committers (companies):

    Joyent, Strongloop, Chrome, Mozilla and Microsoft
  25. Who uses Node.js eBay LinkedIn Trello Yahoo Microsoft ...

  26. Node.js beyond web Nodebots Johnny Five Nodecopter

  27. Final review Event driven programming Async I/O Huge community One

    language to rule them all The best part of JavaScript Open source:
  28. Questions? I know that you guys left shame at home

  29. Thanks! You're awesome! @rafaelveger

  30. References