Rxify - a simple spell for complex RxJava operators

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November 10, 2016

Rxify - a simple spell for complex RxJava operators

Droidcon India, Bangalore 2016
This talk is about the operators which upon reading the document look daunting at first but if you get a grasp of them, they can be quite useful in almost all the apps you code. RxJava is your friend, it will make your life easier. With RxJava many complex tasks can be accomplished easily and without errors. As the title says, `Rxify` - you just need to cast the spells and all your work will be done. From hitting the cache-first to performing retries, just cast the spells and you are good to go. https://medium.com/@ragdroid/rxify-a-simple-spell-for-complex-rxjava-operators-part-1-4c31921583c4#.6hxqs39e6



November 10, 2016