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Bluetooth Smart Technology

Bluetooth Smart Technology


Rajiv Manivannan

July 25, 2014

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  1. Bluetooth Smart Technology Rajiv Manivannan

  2. What is Bluetooth Smart Technology? • Bluetooth Smart is a

    short range wireless communication technology with considerably low power consumption.
  3. Quick History • In 1994 group of engineers at Ericsson

    invented a wireless communication technology called “Bluetooth”. • Bluetooth Smart was originally introduced under the name Wibree by Nokia in 2006. • In 2010 it is merged into main Bluetooth standard with the adoption of the Bluetooth Core Specification V 4.0
  4. Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) • In 1998, the original

    group of Promoter companies - Ericsson, Intel, Nokia, Toshiba and IBM - came together and formed the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). • SIG is the governing body that controls the official specifications of the Bluetooth wireless technology.It owns the trademark of word “Bluetooth” • To become a licensee, a company must become a member of the Bluetooth SIG.
  5. Why Bluetooth Smart ? • The Gadgets using Classic Bluetooth

    Technology are tough to pair and consume more battery power. • To overcome the limitation they introduced the new specification with improved features in version 4.0. so called “Bluetooth Smart”. • It is designed to be more intelligent about managing the connection between the device and conserving less energy.
  6. • After finishes the data transfer put the connection in

    sleep.Thus it saves energy and work for more than a year using a coin size battery.
  7. Key Benefits • Low power consumption. • Small in size.

    • Connectivity to mobile devices. • Low cost. • Robust and Efficient. • Multi vendor interoperability. • Globally Available & License free.
  8. Bluetooth Smart & Bluetooth Smart Ready • Bluetooth Smart is

    not backward compatibility.It will work with Bluetooth 4.0 specification device only. • Bluetooth Smart Ready supports both Bluetooth Low energy and Classic Bluetooth powered devices.
  9. How it works? • It works based on manager/peripheral model.

    • The device which act as a manager will start scanning for peripheral device. • To pair with each other peripheral device should be in discoverable mode/Advertizing mode.
  10. • Once, the manager detected the peripheral device it will

    give a connect request. • If the connect request gets successful, it will start the service discovery and do the communication (read/write value).
  11. Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) Protocol • GATT Services: It is

    the main attribute which has collection of characteristic. • GATT Service Characteristics: It store useful values for the services, as well as their permissions. • Characteristic Descriptor: It holds the unit values. • Client Characteristic Configuration Descriptor: How the characteristic has be configured.
  12. Heart Rate Monitor Application.

  13. Some of the application areas • Healthcare: Temperature, Blood pressure,and

    Glucose Monitor devices. • Sports and Fitness: Steps tracker, sensors attached with bicycle to calculate speed. • Home Security / Automation: Smart lock, connect the home appliance devices into a hub and automating(Smart home).
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