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Time is money. Really?

27c093d0834208f4712faaaec38c2c5c?s=47 Luciano Ramalho
May 21, 2017

Time is money. Really?

Presented as a lightning talk at PyCon 2017


Luciano Ramalho

May 21, 2017


  1. “Time is money”

  2. None
  3. Really?

  4. Really? Antonio Candido July 24, 1918 May 12, 2017

  5. <blockquote>

  6. I think one of the most sinister things in the

    history of Western civilization is the famous saying attributed to Benjamin Franklin, “time is money”.
  7. This is a monstrosity. Time is not money. Time is

    the fabric of our life, it is this minute that is passing.
  8. In 10 minutes I'm older, in 20 minutes I'm closer

    to death. Therefore, I am entitled to this time.
  9. This time belongs to my affections. It is to love

    the woman I have chosen, to be loved by her. To spend with my friends, to read Machado de Assis. That is time.
  10. And precisely the struggle for the cultivation of working people

    is the struggle for the conquest of time as a universe of self-realization.
  11. The struggle for social justice begins with a claim of

    time: “I want to take advantage of my time so that I humanize myself”. Antonio Candido
  12. </blockquote>

  13. You found the time to come to PyCon!

  14. Go home and find time for yourself, your loved ones,

    and your community.
  15. Join or create a user’s group or a PyLadies chapter

    in your home town.
  16. Set up a hackerspace, where we build stuff to learn,

    have fun and to express ourselves.