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Fastly @ Google Next18

Fastly @ Google Next18

Stopping by Google GCP Next 18 to show how we leverage Google's cloud to build Fastly Edge Services

Ines Sombra

July 24, 2018

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  1. CDN redefined
 Cloud Developed Native* * not an actual industry

    term ⚠ Slide NOT vetted by Fastly Marketing
  2. Edge Cloud Service Constraints Highly Available Globally distributed Horizontally Scalable

    Secure Performant Gracefully degrade under faults* Latency sensitive 
 and fast! (* when appropriate)
  3. Hero image Thumbnail image 200 × 200 px Quality 85 6.93KB vs

    2.3MB JPEG 800 × 560 px Quality 85 47 KB vs 2.3MB
  4. Orthogonality / Composability for request management for logging for authentication

    for state management for API translation for fault tolerance for caching!!! CDN for doing less work & max speed!
  5. Leveraging GCP Allows strategic infrastructure planning to meet customer needs

    in new regions Terraform for easy region bootstrapping GCP is a seamless part of our service infrastructure Easy to get spendy POP to GCP connectivity planning (PNIs) Really tested our service operational processes Pros Cons
  6. Streaming Logs pipeline is stateless We don’t batch your logs

    We don’t store your logs We stream your logs in near real-bme to your defined endpoints
  7. Logging Endpoints Aggregators Endpoints s3 syslog gcs sumologic bigquery ftp

    papertrail … Logging endpoints support various cloud services They enable our customers to perform traffic analysis
  8. GCP Logging Endpoints GCP endpoint requests have increased as new

    services become available GCS has gained a lot of popularity since its introduction in Feb 2016 Big Query has lots of customer interest & we have recently re-architected it to support more volume Lots of opportunities to grow!
  9. Classic integrabons challenges (each endpoint is a downstream dependency) Standard

    clients oeen don’t meet our needs as SDKs have different perspecVves Having our own clients allows us to befer support mulb tenancy. Collaborabng with the GCP team to maximize our collecbve throughput Our Challenges
  10. TL; DR GCP allows us to easily grow new edge

    cloud services & be more targeted in our hardware investment GCP Big Data allows Fastly customers to extend their application insights from the Edge to the Cloud Happy relationship (as consumers, partners, & integrators)