Go fast

C64a0152c9b0928e62d88f0bb5eb8138?s=47 Ines Sombra
February 14, 2018

Go fast

Reference Materials > https://github.com/Randommood/go-fast

We all want to move fast. We construct our systems in a rapidly-iterating and agile way. We design and build them to be efficient, robust, and have low latency. But sometimes in the search for speed we make decisions that come back to haunt us. Some of these are reasonable tradeoffs, some can have long-term repercussions, and some can be outright catastrophic.

At Fastly, we serve over 10% of the internet’s traffic and power tens of thousands of online destinations. We have a unique vantage point on the state of the web and going slow is not an option. When Beyonce tweets a baby photo, the NYT breaks a story, or taylor swift drops a new album on spotify … our edge cloud sees it first and brings it to you.

In this talk we’ll go over the key lessons we learned while building our edge cloud services: what worked, what didn’t, the tradeoffs we made, and what can you learn from our experiences while building your own distributed applications & teams at scale.


Ines Sombra

February 14, 2018