Do you even (Kotlin) Flow? The new API for reactive programming

Do you even (Kotlin) Flow? The new API for reactive programming

Reactive programming is here to stay.
Most Android devs nowadays are used to sprinkle RxJava throughout their apps, even if they don't actually have use for reactive streams and just want to simplify thread scheduling. However, it's also true that more and more devs are becoming aware that Rx is an overkill for their use case, and long for better options. Kotlin Flow is one of the new additions to the Kotlin coroutines library, and is meant to bring reactive streams to the coroutine world. But is it as powerful as RxJava? In this talk, I'll explore what are Kotlin Flows, how can they be used, and how can they imbue your app with the power of reactive programming.


Ricardo Costeira

December 14, 2019