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Python Packages You Should Know and Love

Python Packages You Should Know and Love

A short guide to python / Django packages you should know and love.

This is a lightning talk I delivered at the SF Django meetup. This talk is geared towards new Django / python programmers.


Randall Degges

June 25, 2014


  1. Python Packages You Should Know and Love A Short Guide

  2. Randall Degges github.com/rdegges • 107 repos (mostly python) • tons

    of django / flask libraries / tools @rdegges • random tweets rdegges.com • embarrassing personal writings :) I LOVE CODING!
  3. bcrypt $ pip install bcrypt Makes user passwords harder to

    crack. Very easy to use. No reason NOT to use it!
  4. rq $ pip install django-rq Ships with great monitoring software.

    Simple and elegant. Makes running background tasks easy.
  5. from django_rq import job @job def long_running_func(): pass # run

    a task long_running_func.delay()
  6. None
  7. django rest framework $ pip install djangorestframework Makes building REST

    APIs easy.
  8. None
  9. django-sslify $ pip install django-sslify Forces SSL sitewide. Very simple

    to use. (I wrote it!)
  10. django-debug-toolbar $ pip install django-debug-toolbar 100% awesome.

  11. django compressor $ pip install django_compressor Minifies CSS / Javascript.

    Simple. Really well tested.
  12. gunicorn $ pip install gunicorn Pure python web server. Really

    fast. Easy to deploy!
  13. newrelic $ pip install newrelic Third party service. Free for

    small projects. I refuse to work without it.
  14. None
  15. heroku $ git push heroku master Third party service. Free

    for small projects. FUCKING AMAZING!
  16. None