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How to Lose 500k in 5 Minutes

How to Lose 500k in 5 Minutes

Ever made a mistake so big it cost you 500k? Randall has! In this lightning talk, Randall will explain how he single-handedly lost 500k due to sloppy engineering practices and why he's now a DevSecOps fanatic.

Randall Degges

November 17, 2021

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  1. @snyksec @rdegges @rdegges How to Lose 500k in 5 Minutes

  2. @snyksec @rdegges HEY, I'm Randall. Head of DevRel & Community

    @ Snyk Python/JS/Go Hacker Open Source * Author Builder
  3. @snyksec @rdegges Background (~2008) (me) Free conference calling service server

    server server Rural telco providers $0.50 per minute Subsidies $$$
  4. @snyksec @rdegges The Payment Problem Rural Telco Government 2 million

    minutes calls.csv $$$ ???
  5. @snyksec @rdegges How We Got Paid Free Conference Calling Service

    calls.csv Rural Telco $$$
  6. @snyksec @rdegges Architecture Conference Call Web App Conference Call API

    Asterisk Asterisk Asterisk Cloud Rural Datacenters Asterisk Conference Call API <billable call> <billable call> <billable call> <billable call> <billable call> ... calls.csv
  7. @snyksec @rdegges Conference Call API $ scp root@...:calls.csv . $

    wc -l calls.csv That's weird... Same number as last week. $ scp . root@...:calls.csv
  8. @snyksec @rdegges (me)

  9. @snyksec @rdegges "But why didn't you just get the data

    from your logs?" - Literally everyone
  10. @snyksec @rdegges What I Learned 1. Store your logs!!! 2.

    Always use code to communicate 3. It's worth taking your time on the important things
  11. @snyksec @rdegges

  12. @snyksec @rdegges @rdegges Thank You rdegges.com snyk.io @snyksec