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Supercharge your app with Firebase

Supercharge your app with Firebase

The talk will help in understanding the potential of Firebase that it brings to mobile apps. It will provide ways to supercharge the apps by properly integrating different Firebase services.

How can Firebase help in:
- Improving the app performance and quality
- Scaling the app better
- Analysing the user journey for better engagement
- Experimenting with controlled feature rollouts

Reference: (https://github.com/reactivedroid/TvFlix)
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Ashwini Kumar

January 12, 2022

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  1. Proprietary + Confidential Release and Monitor • Fast track your

    development cycle with beta testing among trusted users • Upload .apk or .aab to test on the devices of your choice • Cut short the line by faster feedback loops. • Notify the testers about the new version via emails or app notification • Gain more insights about the quality of the versions • Distribute .apk/.aab via Firebase CLI/Fastlane/Gradle/Console.
  2. Proprietary + Confidential Release and Monitor • Improve app stability

    by fixing crashes • Set up triggers for critical issues • Velocity alerts and Jira integration • Better insights with BigQuery • Enhance your ratings and get delightful reviews
  3. Proprietary + Confidential Release and Monitor • Gain insights of

    your app startup time • Log custom traces to your most critical journey • Improve UI performance by analysing frozen frames. • Capture health and performance of your network requests • Compare with previous versions to know the behaviour • Understand better with BigQuery
  4. Proprietary + Confidential Engage • Reach out to your users

    better via targeted push notifications. • Fire personalised and customised messages to any devices across platforms . • Run experiments seamlessly with Cloud Messaging. • No-code backend setup required. • Gain more insights using Google Analytics to better track conversions and engagement.
  5. Proprietary + Confidential Engage • Dynamically change the appearance of

    app without publishing the release. • Feature flags and their controlled roll-outs. • Handle varied use cases like Soft/Force Upgrade and change the app behaviour in real time using Firebase Cloud Functions. • Use predictions on top of RC to auto update the user experience according to their usage • Use A/B testing on top of RC to experiment the new features.
  6. Proprietary + Confidential Engage • Scale your app by running

    product and marketing experiments. • Track engagement, retention, revenue and much more. • Run experiments seamlessly with Remote Config or Cloud Messaging. • Avoid multiple app updates by changing the app behaviour on the fly. • Use A/B testing to determine not only which variation performed best, but also if these results are statistically significant. • Gain more insights using BigQuery to better track user behaviours.
  7. Proprietary + Confidential References • Check out the TvFlix repository

    to learn about different firebase services’ integrations. • TvFlix is built on MVVM architecture and uses the latest tech stack including Jetpack libraries, Dagger HILT, Coroutines etc purely written in Kotlin. • TvFlix has multiple articles written on top of it to understand the concepts better including Unit and UI tests.