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NAMM Accessibility Panel

Amy Dickens
January 26, 2019

NAMM Accessibility Panel

These slides are from my part in the panel presentation "Accessible Music Creation – Grow Your Following, Grow Your Business" hosted by AVID at the 2019 NAMM show.

Link: http://www.avidblogs.com/avid-to-host-2019-namm-pro-accessibility-panel

I am currently writing my PhD thesis on "Facilitated Performance & Accessible Digital Musical Instruments".

Feel free to get in touch with me at amy[at]adickens.co.uk if you are interested in talking about my research.

Amy Dickens

January 26, 2019

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  1. Accessibility on the Product Roadmap Amy Dickens Samsung Internet |

    University of Nottingham @RedRoxProjects @samsunginternet
  2. I started out as a curious Musician then I studied

    to become an Audio Engineer not long after I became a Computer Scientist I found a voice as an Ambassador for Women in Tech and a job as Web Developer Advocate @RedRoxProjects @samsunginternet
  3. @RedRoxProjects Accessibility on the Product Roadmap Hot takes on Accessibility

    Accessibility in the product life-cycle Things to think about Accessibility in DMI Research @samsunginternet
  4. @RedRoxProjects @samsunginternet “Building accessible products is the right thing to

    do. As technology becomes more ingrained into everyday life, the ability to use digital products is a necessity; therefore, from an ethical perspective, ensuring that a diverse set of customers can use your product is a moral imperative.” Emily Tate, Mind the Product |Putting Accessibility First, Interactions 2018
  5. @RedRoxProjects @samsunginternet “The overall goal should be… Making sure that

    everyone has equivalent access… If it takes the average person who can see 10 seconds and the average person with a visual impairment 5 minutes, that is not equivalent usability… That is not equivalent access” Jonathan Lazar, recipient of 2016 SIGCHI Social Impact Award |Putting Accessibility First, Interactions 2018
  6. Idea Generation Gathering inputs from a wider consumer base Speaking

    with stakeholders in accessibility Identify accessibility barriers @RedRoxProjects @samsunginternet
  7. @RedRoxProjects @samsunginternet Research & Development Make use of standards Accessible

    user stories into your use cases & user journeys Ebay and Web AIM Global Product Inclusive Infrastructure
  8. @RedRoxProjects @samsunginternet Testing Can be as early as a paper

    prototype! Test against standards Recruit real people with a disability - don’t just use automated testing
  9. @RedRoxProjects @samsunginternet Analysis Have a specific report for accessibility Feedback

    in product meetings - don’t ignore the issue! Compare your product with well known accessible products Be a champion for accessibility in your organisation
  10. @RedRoxProjects @samsunginternet Rollout / Release Gather feedback from people with

    a disability Provide your tools / product for free to accessible music makers Be warned about retrofitting!
  11. @RedRoxProjects @samsunginternet Accessibility isn’t a feature - it’s a foundation

    The greatest misconception is that it is hard to do Retrofitting is hard and costly due to a backlog of “accessibility debt” - also you lose users when you do this! Most fixes make products more accessible for everyone Use your internal influence to drive forward accessibility in your products
  12. Guidelines on product design Instrument Finder Community chatter Feel free

    to come to talk to me about this! @RedRoxProjects @samsunginternet Accessible Instruments - a community for accessible music makers and digital musical instrument creators