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Helm Hub China project from Alibaba Cloud

Helm Hub China project from Alibaba Cloud

Lei (Harry) Zhang

June 06, 2019

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  1. A Localized Clone/Mirror of
    Helm Hub in China
    Lei (Harry) Zhang, Hongchao Deng @Alibaba

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  2. Why Helm Hub China?
    • Official Helm Hub is actually unusable in China

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  3. Why Helm Hub China?
    • Helm adoption is still at early stage in Chinese market
    If search: “helm usage” in Chinese:
    1. Most information are out-of-date
    2. Few mentions by mainstream local media
    3. Very few discussion in local tech forum

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  4. Helm Hub China
    • A mirror of Helm hub, hosted by Alibaba Cloud Open Source Center

    • 100% Free to all & non-profit

    • “Localized” Charts

    • Cooperation on Github repo

    • Built with OSS chartmuseum projects

    • Use Alibaba Container Registry as underlying storage

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  5. Hub Portal
    Preview: https://developer.aliyun.com/hub

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  6. Discussion: GitHub Repo
    • We are now using a independent GitHub Repo to host Helm Repo China

    • Chinese developer will contribute their charts (maybe in Chinese) in to
    this GitHub Repo

    • Is this a concern for Helm community? Like, fragmentation?

    • We are fully open to merge our GitHub Repo with Helm Charts repo,
    or host/contribute this repo to Helm Github org

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  7. Discussion: Helm Roadmap
    • We hope to use Helm as CD pipeline, while Helm is still kinda “monolithic”

    • Any plan to split Helm components?

    • Or, Helm CD project?

    • Hope to cooperate with Helm community closely!

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  8. “Thanks!”

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