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Self-nominate WG-multitenancy Lei (Harry) Zhang

Self-nominate WG-multitenancy Lei (Harry) Zhang

Lei (Harry) Zhang

June 04, 2019

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  1. Self-nominate • Lei (Harry) Zhang, Staff Engineer of Alibaba, Github:

    @resouer • Main contributor of Kubernetes main repo since 2015, 173+ commits merged in kube-scheduler & kubelet • Reviewer of SIG-Node (CRI, resource mgmt, CRI-shim) & SIG-scheduling (scheduling queue, perf tuning) • Co-maintaining CRI spec for KataContainers since 2017 • Speak of WG-multitenancy Deep Dive during KubeCon NA 2017
  2. Alibaba in WG-multitenancy • Alibaba is investing WG-multitenancy as long

    term strategy • e.g. Virtual Cluster based multi-tenancy proposal
  3. Hard Multi-tenancy in Alibaba • Two models, different multi-tenancy views,

    same resource isolation model • Intra Cluster - one super cluster to serve all tenants • Virtual Cluster - per tenant per virtual cluster • Solid use cases & products • Alibaba Serverless Kubernetes (public cloud product) • Alibaba Serverless Infrastructure (internal web-scale cluster)
  4. Community • Contribute and engage in WG-multitenancy, move internal experience

    to community • Cooperate and organize to push both Intra Cluster & Virtual Cluster model to real practice and fix various issues including: • multi-tenancy view • multi-tenant Service & DNS • CNI & CSI implementation • sandboxed runtime • kubelet with tenant awareness