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Company Deck -English-

April 24, 2024

Company Deck -English-

This document is intended for those who are "new to RevComm" or "interested in RevComm and want to know more about it.

Please read this document for an easy-to-understand summary of our mission, business, work style, culture, and more!


April 24, 2024

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  1. Reinventing communications to create a society where people think of

    others RevComm uses voice technology and AI to visualize communication. We aim to realize efficient and proper communication and create a prosperous society where "true communication" is shared and understood by all. Mission
  2. The evolution of IT technology has made everything in the

    world more visible and convenient. However, voice communication still has many many sensory and unproductive elements. The method of this communication is normal in our daily lives, which means voice communication technology is left behind in an era where many technological innovations are being created. There are different ways to communicate in today's world: person to person, person to community, company to community, language to non-language. We live in a world where many forms of communication are ongoing, but the actual communication itself is vague and lacks accuracy. We believe there are many issues that need to be solved. Why is your business focusing on voice communication? We will fully use the latest technology to create a world where everyone can communicate efficiently with more details. We won't just provide technology to improve productivity. By defining communication that goes beyond technology, we will create a society where people think of others and realize a prosperous society where "true communication" is shared and understood by all. How are you going to change this communication? RevComm is a startup company providing the AI × Voice × Cloud software and database. We want to create a society where people think of others Introduction 05 © RevComm Inc.
  3. Shibuya 1-chome Building 7th floor, 1-3-9 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002

    Summitmas I Startup Zone, 2nd Floor  Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 61-62 Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta 12190 Head Office Development of software and databases using AI, Voice and Cloud Business Domain 935 million yen (including capital reserve) Capital 289 (299 including part-time workers and interns) └JPN : 244 / IDN : 34 / USA : 11 Employees July 7, 2017 Established in Takeshi Aida Representative - Indonesia - Japan - US 228 E. Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90802 ※as of November 1, 2023 Profile 06 © RevComm Inc.
  4. 2017 2020 2021 2022 2023 10,000users 20,000users 30,000users 50,000users Since

    its establishment in July 2017 and the launch of MiiTel in October of the following year, many customers have been using our services! Released Speech Emotion Recognition Officially released MiiTel Meetings Released MiiTel Mobile (mobile app) Officially released MiiTel Released Speech Recognition Released the owned media Sales Hacker 2017-2020 - Raised 150 million JPY, Pre-series A round (Raised a total amount of 182 million JPY) - Winner, TechCrunch Tokyo - Raised 800 million JPY, Series A round first closing - Raised 700 million JPY, Series A round second closing 2021 - Number of subscriptions reached 1,000 companies - Certified as a J-Startup company by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry - Introduced MiiTel to telephone services for patients who tested positive for COVID-19, conducted by the Tokyo Public Health Center 2022 - Total number of calls reached 100 million times 2023 - Established the branch office in Indonesia MiiTel’s track record History Started providing our services to Indonesia 07 © RevComm Inc.
  5. Top 20 in "Japanese Entrepreneur Ranking" from Forbes JAPAN and

    selected as "The Best Startups 100" from Toyo Keizai B-Dash Camp 2019 Spring in Sapporo Winner TechCrunch Tokyo Start-Up Battle 2019 Winner May 2023 Selected as Top 20 in "Japanese Entrepreneur Ranking 2023" from Forbes JAPAN November 2019 May 2019 Only company from Asia selected as "Forbes AI 50 2023" Deloitte Private Technology Fast 50 2022 Japan 1st place April 2023 Fujitsu Accelerator Winner February 2020 Mizuho Innovation Award 2020 Winner January 2020 May 2023 SALES & CUSTOMER SUPPORT 2023 Awards 08 © RevComm Inc.
  6. With the mission of "Reinventing communications to create a society

    where people think of others," we develop "MiiTel, the IP-Phone that visualizes telephone sales and customer service," as our main product to provide AI x Voice x Cloud software and database. "MiiTel Meetings'' is our new service from the "MiiTel" brand. Integrating "MiiTel" with various meeting tools can allow you to centrally manage telephone calls and online meetings and stock all data as internal assets. Products The smartphone for business Online meeting analysis tool 10 © RevComm Inc.
  7. • Difficult to share details. • Can't explain it correctly.

    • Can't review the past activities. • Experience bias with the operator. • Can't clarify the issues. • Difficult to give advice to others. • Takes time to make minutes of the meeting. • Can't share the reason for making decisions. • Can't gain enough knowledge. Sales representative Supervisor/Prospect Meetings Black box problem Why did or didn't we get that order? What's different about this operator compared with others? MiiTel will solve this problem. Solve the black box problem in voice communication It is unclear “What” and “How” the conversation is made between an operator and a customer. Customer Black box problem Problem Sales representative Supervisor/Prospect Sales calls (or online meetings) Report/ Share The issue we want to solve 11 © RevComm Inc.
  8. MiiTel will record all calls automatically. Also, the full-text transcript

    and summary are available for reviewing and sharing details with others. Call recording / Full-text transcript Positive Negative Quantitative evaluation / Scoring Emotion recognition / Keyword extraction MiiTel will automatically give a score for the phone call by the ratio of talk:listen, speech rate, intonation, and other speech characteristics. You can visualize the call details by data. You can check the emotion level by color from the voice or the conversation. MiiTel will automatically extract keywords, allowing you to check and see if you've talked about the topic. Intonation 24.9 Number of silences Overall 0.34 Number of rallies 7.12times/min times/min Number of overlaps 0.32times/min Speech rate 8.36chars/min Fundamental frequency 165.42Hz Concerns Concerns Concerns Approvals Approvals Approvals Concerns Approvals MiiTel's approach 12 © RevComm Inc.
  9. You can understand each user's strengths and weaknesses by checking

    each user's score. You can do self-coaching by using its data effectively. Voice evaluation Table Heat map Dashboard -Score- Comment Keyword You can check if you have talked clearly or the customer is interested in the topic. The keywords you have set up will automatically be extracted. You can identify the words that are required or related to compliance. You can ask questions about the conversation or receive feedback from others. Speech rate You can compare the speech rate with the customer. Time Keyword (3 times) 03:20 05:31 05:42 Time Keyword (3 times) 01:22 Appointment MiiTel Online meeting User User User User User User Harassment Generation You 04:10 04:49 Customer Operator Fundamental frequency (Operator) Fundamental frequency (Customer) Intonation strength (Operator) Intonation strength (Customer) 126.68Hz 7.91chars/sec (2.1% faster than the customer) 7.75chars/sec 2.05% slower than the operator) 134.59Hz 35.19 32.3 Quantitative evaluation / Scoring @Teruya Mitsui MiiTel's main features 13 © RevComm Inc. December 1, 2021 Share Enter a comment Button Edit Delete I received this question from a customer. How should I answer this? By user  By day  By week  By month User name Average Mii Teruya Total number of calls Times Times Times Times Total call duration Call duration CSV Download Display field Number of silences Talk ratio Score Average number of calls Ratio of answewed calls Ratio of response Score Total call duration Others Speaking rate Difference in fundamental frequency Intonation Number of fillers Characters / Second Times / Minutes Time Times / Minutes Number of silences Today Today Today Talk ratio Call duration Number of silences Talk ratio Number of overlaps Difference in speaking rate 12AM 12PM 12AM Sun Mon Tue Wed Fri Thu Sat
  10. Word frequency report MiiTel will extract the most frequently used

    keywords from the collected call data. You can use the data to make business strategies. Compare with the high and low performers Ranking of frequently used words High Low by the way basically time thank you 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 umm well let's see sorry Hypothesis Noticed points Is this person trying to get details of other companies? other companies cost consider conditions back phone contact period comparing worry ah apply another actual chance I think this person is not used to business phone calls. Low ⾣There are many words related to our services. High⾣This person tried to gather more details. (E.g., services from other companies) Low ⾣There are too many fillers like "umm" or "well". High⾣This person is using words to get the conversation back on track, like "by the way" or "basically". Analyze the words used by top performers Word frequency cloud CASE CASE =By understanding the customer and gathering more details,  you can easily consider making changes to the contract. =It's important to understand the intent and background  of the other person's question to have a good conversation. MiiTel's main features 14 © RevComm Inc.
  11. Automatic full-text transcript Basic features IP-Phone Automatic recording Monitoring You

    would need to subscribe to a separate contract. Only available in Japanese. MiiTel Call Center Call center IVR (automatic voice guidance) Waiting call/ Queue Predictive dialer Third-party integration Dashboard Quantitative evaluation Education and self-coaching Scoring Emotion recognition Automatic keyword recognition Call memo Improve work efficiency Automatic registration of call histories Sharing parts of the recording One-click calls Transcript summary Real-time speech recognition Smartphone app MiiTel's main features IP address restriction Credit card masking Security SSO (Single Sign On) Permission settings Third-party certification (ISO/ISMS) © RevComm Inc. SFA/CRM Zapier Slack Webhook Amazon S3 JavaScript widget OPEN API Email notification 15
  12. We have developed our original PBX (Private Branch eXchange) to

    provide stable call quality. With the combination of AI, MiiTel can analyze speech and emotions. Also, MiiTel can create the transcript with one step. Check the frequently used keywords Identify issues from the dashboard Receive feedback Identify the key parts from the emotion analysis MiiTel's competitive advantages Trying to improve Listen to the voice Make a plan Find issues 1 2 4 3 4 3 1 2 ▼ Neutral ˝項目 Price Closing 6,591 2,037 18.2% ▶ Positive ˝Category ˝Appearances ˝Calls ˝Appearance % 6,591 2,037 18.2% 1,144 759 6.78% 1,503 716 6.4% Self-coaching cycle MiiTel's advantages 1MFBTFSFGFSUPUIFQBTUNBUFSJBMT Intonation 24.9 Number of silences 0.34 Number of rallies 7.12times/min times/min Number of overlaps 0.32times/min Speech rate 8.36chars/min Overall 78.0 Fundamental frequency 165.42Hz 16 © RevComm Inc.
  13. Benefits of using MiiTel Appointments  Closing  Customer satisfaction  Renewal rate  Work efficiency Reduce costs

    Grow your profit Visualize the internal rules 1 2 3 Solve the black box problem Improved sales talk Self-coaching Better working environment and higher productivity Remote work 1 2 3 No costs for phone devices or PBX Reduce training costs Less call time (*1) and post-call work *1: It takes 9.7 seconds to press 10 digits. Improve "sales indicators" by using MiiTel 17 © RevComm Inc.
  14. Company name After using MiiTel How they used MiiTel Cookbiz

    (recruitment) Number of calls 60%↑ Number of appointments 95%↑ Order unit price 1.3times↑ Cookbiz used MiiTel to determine which "days of the week" or "time during the day" is the best for phone calls. They have set the time to make phone calls as a daily routine. Info Mart (IT/SaaS) Info Mart used MiiTel to gather data on members who are getting many appointments. They noticed that these members mostly have a call duration of about 3 minutes and 30 seconds, a talk and listen ratio of 6:4, and an average of about 40 to 50 rallies in the conversation. Lancers (outsourcing) Lancers used MiiTel to use the monitoring and whispering features. Supervisors joined the members' phone calls to understand the call details and give instructions, leading to better response quality. Examples of companies improving their business 18 © RevComm Inc.
  15. MiiTel is taking initiatives to improve sales productivity, and this

    service can potentially contribute to Japanese society. The inside sales market is gaining a lot of attention. 2018 5,400 9,900 2019 18,100 2020 22,200 2021 22,200 2022 "Inside sales" Average number of searches This market has been gaining a lot of attention for the past few years! Reference: Inside Sales Industry Report 2022 - 2023 https://lp.boxil.jp/bales/insidesales_report/2022-2023/lp_short/press Market potential for inside sales 19 © RevComm Inc.
  16. Higher growth rate 2018 2023 * Approx. 52,000 users After

    4 years, 2018.10 2019.2 2019.6 2019.10 2020.2 2020.6 2020.10 2021.2 2021.6 2021.10 2022.2 2022.6 2022.10 2023.2 over 50,000 people* are using our service! 2023.6 20 © RevComm Inc.
  17. There can be situations where one conversation can lead to

    friction or unfairness. Sometimes, from the conversation, you can not understand or trust each other. RevComm Research is a research and development team focusing on the new form of communication. They will develop the technology that will lose these frictions and create an environment that leads to open and honest communication. < RevComm RCR website: https://www.revcomm.co.jp/rcr/ RevComm Research - the professional development team that conducts communication analysis and research To achieve the mission, "Reinventing communications to create a society where people think of others, " RevComm has a professional team specialized in voice technology and AI R&D. AI evolves the communication Research team 21 © RevComm Inc.
  18. Reinventing communications to create a society where people think of

    others Even if we live in an era where IT technology has been evolving, many communication issues remain unresolved. In the "communication" field, which has many sensuous and unproductive elements, we will utilize the latest AI and IT technology to solve all fundamental issues. Future © RevComm Inc.
  19. RevComm will achieve growth by focusing on the following four

    axes. The four axes of growth Vertical Horizontal Strengthen the integration with third-party services such as API, Webhook, and more. We'll deploy from SaaS to PaaS. Our newest product, MiiTel Meetings, achieves visualization and higher efficiency in online meetings. We'll accelerate to achieve our final goal of creating AI for business decisions. Parallel In January 2023, we established the Indonesia and United States branches as we expanded our business overseas. We'll provide our services to the global market and become a Global Company. Global 1 2 3 4 Approach Update and improve the existing products. We'll constantly receive feedback from our customers to develop more features and provide higher quality to our services. 24 © RevComm Inc.
  20. To have members with different backgrounds work together as a

    team, they must share their "thoughts" and "feelings" and work in the same direction. Building a good organizational culture is essential to develop this kind of teamwork. The mission we are trying to achieve is at a very high level. There will be times when we struggle, make decisions, or need to think. We can look back at the culture to help us move to the next step. Culture
  21. Our team Y P P A H Flexible and creative

    Passionate Deliver exceptional value Trusted by people and society Surrounded by smiles Happiness Accountability Professionalism Passion Youthfulness Value We have taken the initials of the five words above and named them HAPPY, which we use in all aspects of human resources, including recruitment and evaluation. This word might give an image of us working together like a group of friends, but that is incorrect. We operate our business as an organization that is incorporated in capitalism. Therefore, we are responsible for maximizing sales and profits. If we have each member work with their best as an individual and part of a team, we can achieve our goals. At RevComm, we emphasize the importance of each member taking ownership, not relying on others, and continuing to think and act on their own initiative. Lastly, we are a group of members who are working as a team to achieve results. 27 © RevComm Inc.
  22. Our way to achieve the mission Credo R B B

    G O Organic Value Go Bolder, Go Faster Be Pioneer Be Challenger Respect to Others Credo is also part of our culture. While our Value describes the team that creates our business, our Credo describes the important way to think as a methodology for achieving the mission. Specialists from different backgrounds respect each other, work with each other, and learn from each other, which leads us to accomplish tasks that cannot be done alone. At RevComm, all members work as a strong team while developing their skills and being specialists in redefining communication. 28 © RevComm Inc.
  23. To achieve our mission, we need members who are attractive

    and talented. Those who want to advance their careers or achieve self-development can work not only from Japan but also from all over the world without having restrictions on the place and time. We actively provide opportunities and delegate authority to those succeeding in their work. We believe that freedom and responsibility are a set. Lastly, we can realize this work style because we trust all members to contribute to our business growth. Free work style As a premise, we trust all members who are working at RevComm. On top of trust, we also delegate authority and provide an environment for challenges, so we may be conducting a high-level evaluation system, but this also means that we are setting expectations in accordance with the members' achievements, and it is important to ensure psychological safety. Facing challenges are not always successful, but we want everyone to try again so that they can win in their career. Trust and challenges Gathering talented members who can work at their own discretion can allow us to provide a highly productive and stimulating environment, which will ultimately lead to individual and business growth. All members of RevComm can rely on each other, so we can work in a free work style. Discretionary working environment 29 © RevComm Inc.
  24. © RevComm Inc. Working at RevComm Flexible working environment Many

    members with different backgrounds Work that can help society Self-growth working environment A growing and innovative company Joyful and passionate Many ways to contribute 30 Benefits
  25. 32 © RevComm Inc. Number of employees 2017 2018 2019

    2020 2021 2022 2023 289 289 151 103 62 13 5 1 100members! 200members! We are actively recruiting for many positions! Business is growing and more employees are joining!
  26. 33 In a generation with many changes, uncertainty, and complexity,

    we need diverse or flexible members to help us develop businesses that society needs. Organizations that rely on specific or similar human resources or an organizational structure that is based on preconceptions or stereotypes are nothing but risks. It is important to attract talented members and create a culture that allows them to perform at a high level. Also, we need to respond flexibly to changes in life stages and the ex ternal environment. Why do we promote DEI? We gather members with different backgrounds or experiences, such as nationality, culture, location, gender, and age. To create a safe and secure working environment and help members maximize their performance, we introduced a remote work environment, a full-flex work system, a Mission Grade system not influenced by gender or age, an evaluation/promotion system, childcare support, and more. Strategies RevComm supports DEI DIVERSITY EQUITY Gathering members with different backgrounds or experiences, such as age, gender, religion, etc. without discrimination. Providing a place where everyone can play an active role by removing barriers. Creating an environment where everyone can participate in important events by ensuring psychological safety. INCLUSION To provide respect to each member and create a working environment that is easy for everyone to work in, RevComm supports DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). A working environment where all employees can work safely. © RevComm Inc.
  27. 34 © RevComm Inc. Leadership After completing a master's degree

    in engineering at the University of Tokyo, Satomi worked for McKinsey & Company, solving management issues for major clients, and held product lead and product manager positions at Google's US headquarters and the Singapore office of a UK FinTech company. Satomi joined RevComm in July 2020. Satomi Jujo Executive Officer & CPO Joined Mitsubishi Corporation in 2011 and engaged in automobile trading, sales & m a r k e t i n g , c r o s s - b o r d e r M & A , J V establishment, government bidding, etc. Founded RevComm in July 2017. Takeshi Aida Founder & CEO Taiichi Hashimoto received his Engineering Doctorate from the Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology. After working in research on natural language processing at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, he joined GREE, Inc., then later joined LINE Corporation, where he was in charge of developing big data platforms and new products using the latest AI technology. Taiichi joined RevComm in April 2021. Taiichi Hashimoto Executive Officer & Research Director
  28. 35 © RevComm Inc. Leadership Takekatsu Hiramura is the CTO

    of RevComm Inc. His current work is to lead development of an AI-enabled IP Phone "MiiTel" and its R&D. Prior to that, Takekatsu was a Data Science Manager at Accenture responsible for product architect of Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning technology enabled cloud services. Takekatsu Hiramura Executive Officer & CTO Yusuke graduated from Keio University. Before joining RevComm, he mainly worked at Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC, where he was engaged in M&A advisory tasks focusing on cross-border deals and financial/corporate planning for startup companies. Yusuke joined RevComm in October 2019. Yusuke Suzuki Executive Officer & Head of Strategy After graduating from university, Masatoshi joined a startup as a founding member. He was engaged in sales, HR, and new business development. He experienced working as a sales manager and HR manager and was in charge of HR strategy, recruitment, organizational development, etc. He has also been invited as a speaker for corporate development events. Masatoshi joined RevComm in July 2020. Masatoshi Inui Executive Officer & Head of Human Resources After graduating from Keio University, Akio was engaged in statutory audit at KPMG AZSA LLC. He then joined LIXIL Corporation, where he completed an IFRS deployment project and promoted the globalization of the accounting structure through restructuring overseas subsidiaries. Akio joined RevComm in March 2020 after earning an MBA from ESADE Business School. He is also a Certified Public Accountant. Akio Kise Executive Officer & Head of administration
  29. 37 © RevComm Inc. We are not trying to create

    the perfect performance evaluation system. We are conducting a flexible and realistic evaluation that aligns with the business growth and organizational phase. Our evaluation system aligns with the organizational phase Our evaluation system is designed to accelerate growth and maximize achievements so that we can achieve the mission. With the premise of all members being self-reliant, we operate our business with freedom and responsibility. Therefore, rather than implementing a system that can fit members into a company framework or a system that can determine the correct answer, we think more about promoting personal development. We aim to create a cycle in which personal development can maximize team results and grow the business. Evaluation system that can promote personal development Evaluate based on the achievements towards the mission Reinventing communications to create a society where people think of others Grade Mission Grade Established three types of financial incentives Compensation Evaluation OKR 1on1 weekly review Roles Skills Salary (basic salary) Bonus Our performance evaluation system
  30. 38 © RevComm Inc. Clarifying the achievements and scope of

    responsibility for each job type and grade will allow us to create a work style that is suited for our members. Know your roles and expectations with the Mission Grade We've started to use OKR to promote fast business growth. Still, it is not a 100% quantitative evaluation as we included the Value evaluation (360°) and Skill evaluation to encourage improvement on both the hard and soft skills. By combining the OKR evaluation for business growth, Value evaluation for culture development, and Skill evaluation for personal growth, we believe that we can create connections between the business, the organization, and our members. For our evaluation system, we don't highly evaluate or promote members who have achieved their personal goals. We conduct a comprehensive and fair evaluation by including their contributions to the company and achievements from their soft skills. Lastly, we evaluate and provide opportunities based on their qualities and willingness to contribute. Staff S1-S5 P1-P2 P3-P5 M1-M2 M3-M5 Professional Management Be an expert in technology Grow the organization There is no difference in the priority between P and M grades. Mission Grade and Evaluation
  31. We are hiring for multiple job positions! RevComm Careers ‒

    Official Site WE ARE HIRING! www.revcomm.co.jp/careers/