ElasticSearch Data Exploration in Your Terminal

ElasticSearch Data Exploration in Your Terminal

You've seen the pretty graphs. Visuals are great for signaling there is a problem somewhere in your system. How do you, a command line guru, go from pretty graphs to root cause analysis? Most likely you'll be reaching for paradigms from the command line: composability and a flexible, compact syntax to ask your questions. I'd like to talk more about integrating ElasticSearch-based dashboards back to the command line workflows I love.

This talk is an overview of a tool I developed while working at Booking.com to drastically reduce the time and complexity of performing incident reponse against rich, structured data in ElasticSearch. It was developed with the help of the security and fraud teams to perform adhoc queries critical for incident response. The tool served the team well and it's been under active development ever since. It continues to grow in capabilities aimed to make adhoc analysis simple, easy, and accessible to hardened command line jockeys and command line newbies.

Join me to learn how to bring the logging data you love back to your terminal!


Brad Lhotsky

October 22, 2019