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Submitting a PhoneGap App to the App Store

Submitting a PhoneGap App to the App Store

A brief overview of how to setup a basic Sencha Touch app in PhoneGap and submit it to the Apple App Store.


Ricky Clegg

April 12, 2012

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  1. Ricky  Clegg   Submi'ng  PhoneGap  Apps  To  The  App  Store

      Burrows   www.burrows.info   Email   me@rickyclegg.com   Twi5er   ricky_clegg   My  Blog   www.betwee?hebraces.com  
  2. So  what  is  PhoneGap?  

  3. Basically  an  instance  of  Safari  running  in  a  naBve  applicaBon

  4. NaBve  App  vs.  PhoneGap  App  

  5. CreaBng  a  vanilla  PhoneGap  ApplicaBon  

  6. Choose  your  applicaBon  name  

  7. You  now  have  your  first  PhoneGap  applicaBon  

  8. Is  the  iOS  Simulator  enough?   Welcome  to  the  iOS

     Provisioning  Portal  
  9. You  need  a  request  a  new  CerBficate  Signing  Request  from

      the  Key  Chain  Access  ApplicaBon  
  10. Fill  in  the  informaBon  leave  the  CA  Email  Address  blank

      Make  sure  you  ‘Save  to  disk’  
  11. Create  all  the  devices  you  wish  to  test  your  applicaBon

  12. Create  all  the  devices  you  wish  to  test  your  applicaBon

  13. Create  your  own  App  ID   Be  careful  once  created

     they  cannot  be  deleted!  
  14. Development  profiles  are  for  in  house  tesBng   You  will

     need  a  distribuBon  profile  for  the  App  Store  
  15. In  XCode  go  to  Window  /  Organiser   Organiser  shows

     you  all  profiles  you  have  installed  
  16. Export  your  cerBficates  from  Key  Chain  Access  to  develop  

    across  mulBple  Macs  
  17. You’re  now  ready  for  iTunes  Connect  

  18. App  names  must  be  unique!   It  cannot  match  any

     other  App  in  the  App  Store  
  19. Select  the  App  Stores  you  wish  your  App  to  be

     available  in  
  20. Change  your  Apps  availability  and  price  any  Bme  you  want

  21. You  must  upload  at  least  one  screenshot   You  can

     upload  a  maximum  of  five  
  22. Add,  Manage,  Update  your  Apps  any  Bme  you  want  

  23. Create  a  distribuBon  version  of  your  ApplicaBon  

  24. From  the  organiser  you  can  create  IPA  files  for  Ad

     Hoc   tesBng   You  can  also  submit  your  App  for  review  by  Apple  
  25. The  review  process  

  26. QuesBons?