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RaspberryPi SenseHat Fun!

RaspberryPi SenseHat Fun!

The Internet Of Things (IOT) is upon us! Let's rejoice and be nerds, in this session come enjoy a simple introduction to the Sense HAT Raspberry PI shield. No prior knowledge of the Raspberry PI, sensor or electronics required. We will build some real life samples of what can be done for fun and profit with a simple Raspberry PI and a Sense HAT shield.

Roberto Hernandez

April 01, 2017

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  1. I AM ROBERTO HERNANDEZ • Developer Extraordinaire at InfernoRed Technology

    @hernandezrobert www.overridethis.com www.github.com/rjhernandez www.bitbucket.com/rjhernandez
  2. Agenda • Why I chose to do this presentation? •

    What is SenseHat? • Brief History • What can it do? (Sensors) • Demos
  3. Why I chose to do this presentation? • Arduino •

    Language: C • Electronics knowledge required. • No UI (Not a deal breaker). • Daughters (2 Units) • Encourage them to learn about STEM. • Language: Python, Scratch. • Little or no electronic knowledge required. • Raspberry Pi ecosystem is more rich and better supported (IMHO). • UI (Raspbian OS)
  4. What is SenseHat? • Brief History? • Sensors • Gyroscope

    • Accelerometer • Magnetometer • Temperature • Humidity • Barometric pressure Documentation: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/astro-pi/ http://pythonhosted.org/sense-hat/
  5. Demo • Twitter! • LED, HTTP • Compass • Magnometer

    • PyGame • Joystick • Magic 8 Ball • Gyronometer
  6. THANK YOU! These slides are available at: www.speakerdeck.com/rjhernandez @hernandezrobert www.overridethis.com

    www.github.com/rjhernandez www.bitbucket.com/rjhernandez, www.bitbucket.com/overridethis