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Design Thinking Workshop - Design Orlando: May 2013

Design Thinking Workshop - Design Orlando: May 2013

Slides from the workshop I put together for the May 2013 Design Orlando Meetup - http://designorlan.do

Want to reorganize this a bit....

Robb Schiller

May 14, 2013

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  1. Design Thinking Workshop Design Orlando May 2013

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  4. What isn’t Design Thinking? Magic A better way to brainstorm

    A Business discipline A special sauce you can drizzle on top of your caramel frap and magically design anything amazing A ridged toolset for accomplishing design
  5. What is Design Thinking? Design The way designers think when

    approaching design Bias toward action Good for your brain
  6. What is Design Thinking?

  7. empathize define ideate prototype test d.school

  8. Pillars of Design Thinking Bias Toward Action / Build To

    Think ABE (always be empathizing) Abductive reason
  9. Design Challenge: Redesign the Gift Giving experience Pair up Make

    sure you have your packet Try and find someone you don’t know well
  10. Empathize e d i p t Foundation of Human Centered

    Design Engage: Interact with and interview users through scheduled and unscheduled encounters Observe: View users and behavior in the context of their lives Immerse: Experience what your user experiences
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  12. Empathize e d i p t Interview for Empathy Assume

    a beginner’s mindset to remove your bias from the users response Asking the question “Why?” can be helpful in understanding thoughts, emotions and motivations Categorizing responses into Say, Think, Feel, and Do can be helpful for creating actionable define/brainstorm material
  13. Define e d i p t Synthesize empathy data into

    actionable formats Analogous Solutions: Very often, when you design with one heightened user need in mind - you end up designing for many Great design takes a very strong opinion about end users Reframing your insights helps to continue empathize with your user
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  15. Flare Focus (synthesis) empathize define ideate prototype/test (analysis)

  16. Define e d i p t Develop a “Point of

    View” statement Need: Identifies a need that is deep, emotional and actionable (verbs) User: Specific, empathetic language about your user Insight: Synthesize your observations and make some abductive interpretations A unique, concise reframing of the problem based on user needs and insights
  17. Ideate e d i p t Helps generate stoke Brainstorm!

    Synthesize diverse perspectives Let ideas compound and bring up more questions to empathize further with users
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  19. Ideate e d i p t Defer judgement internally and

    externally There is no bad idea Go for volume Be Visual Stick to headlines to communicate clearly Wild ideas are great How Might We...?: reframe the problem and ask a slightly different question
  20. Prototype e d i p t Concrete embodiment of an

    idea that becomes a way to test your hypotheses High Resolution: Test how an idea comes across visually Low Resolution: Test how an idea is perceived working or interacting Why?: To gain empathy, to explore (build to think), to learn and refine solutions Fail Early Fail Often
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  23. Test e d i p t Put the prototype in

    the users hands Set the scene or give an explanation to act as a guide, not as a lead Don’t be a salesman Observe / Engage the user by asking questions or iterating on the fly
  24. empathize define ideate prototype test

  25. empathize define ideate prototype test repeat