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High quality nutritional scale from digiweigh. This scale offers large easy to read LCD display that displays detailed information & sleek, slim design with intuitive controls. For more information please visit http://www.buyfloorscale.com/nutritional-scales.

Robert Johnson

May 22, 2013

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  1. http://www.buyfloorscale.com/nutritional-scales

  2. http://www.buyfloorscale.com/nutritional-scales

  3. http://www.buyfloorscale.com/nutritional-scales DW-99DZ This handy digital kitchen scale is a great

    addition to any kitchen, but especially to those desiring highly accurate measuring capability. The DW-99DZ features a large LCD display with blue backlighting which allows for easy readings for everyone. Up to 99 measurements can be stored in the scale's memory. Capable of measuring seven different nutritional values of 999 different foods, this scale is highly accurate and a valuable addition to the health- conscious kitchen. Food can be measured directly on the stainless steel platform or in a bowl or plate in capacities up to eleven pounds.
  4. http://www.buyfloorscale.com/nutritional-scales 11 Lb / 5Kg Capacity measures in ounces or

  5. http://www.buyfloorscale.com/nutritional-scales Accuracy to within 1g / 0.1oz

  6. http://www.buyfloorscale.com/nutritional-scales 999 different foods in seven categories

  7. http://www.buyfloorscale.com/nutritional-scales Stainless Steel platform

  8. http://www.buyfloorscale.com/nutritional-scales Room Temperature showing

  9. http://www.buyfloorscale.com/nutritional-scales