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Multi-cloud microservices with Fauna

Multi-cloud microservices with Fauna

Running the same workload on multiple cloud service providers (CSPs) frequently leads to disappointment. However, with a microservices architecture, sometimes you can’t get a best-in-class experience for every service from a single CSP.

In this session, you learn how choosing Fauna as your database empowers you to select the right CSP for each service in your architecture. You learn how the Calvin layer enables fast, distributed, ACID transactions across multiple cloud providers and regions. Finally, you explore user-defined functions in Fauna to create a consistent experience across services.

Rob Sutter

May 20, 2021

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  1. Copyright Fauna, Inc. 2021 2 Multi-cloud, really? Multi-cloud 1.0 -

    lowest common denominator The “shadow cloud” years Multi-cloud 2.0 - best-in-class managed services Deliver faster with Fauna
  2. Copyright Fauna, Inc. 2021 “Multi-cloud is not the future. Multi-

    cloud is a race to the bottom using lowest common denominator services.” — Erik Peterson, CloudZero (part 1 of 2) 4
  3. Copyright Fauna, Inc. 2021 9 • Increased spending and complexity

    to deliver the same value • Running the same workload everywhere means abstractions • In the cloud, abstraction is subtraction
  4. Copyright Fauna, Inc. 2021 “The real future is multi-service using

    best of breed services.” — Erik Peterson, CloudZero (part 2 of 2) 19
  5. Copyright Fauna, Inc. 2021 28 Calvin - The Theory Fast

    Distributed Transactions for Partitioned Database Systems • “Shared-nothing (near-)linearly scalable database system” • Highly available • Full ACID transactions • Deterministic activity plans • Reduces contention footprints • fauna.link/calvin
  6. Copyright Fauna, Inc. 2021 29 Fauna - The Reality •

    Flexible data modeling • Global ACID transactions • Composite indexing on-the-fly • Real-time streaming • Custom business logic • Web-native secure access • Built-in temporality • Multi-tenant databases • Setup-free GraphQL • Global low-latency • Config-free elasticity • No database operations • fauna.link/features
  7. Copyright Fauna, Inc. 2021 32 Serverless database • No servers,

    clusters, or containers to manage • No installations, patching, or upgrades • Transparent capacity without preset limits • No operations at any scale