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Bringing back active-active architectures

Bringing back active-active architectures

Do you have high uptime requirements for your serverless applications? Are your users geographically distributed, either within a geographic region or across the globe? Active-active failover architectures address these challenges and are cheaper in serverless architectures than in traditional applications.

In this talk, you learn a reusable pattern for implementing an application that runs in multiple regions on the same cloud service provider. Performance is compared to traditional architectures, and solutions to the major challenges of data, deployment, and DNS are provided. Finally, special considerations for security, compliance, and observability are addressed.

This advanced-level talk is for developers already familiar with serverless architectures who need greater uptime without sacrificing performance. Attendees should expect to leave with the knowledge and confidence to build and deploy active-active multi-region architectures in their own serverless applications. Although specific tools are used to present a working solution, the concepts can be applied across vendors.

Rob Sutter

August 12, 2021

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  1. Confidential © Fauna, Inc. 2020 2 What you will learn

    • How are they different for serverless ? • What use cases are they good for ? • What use cases are they bad for ? • Are they worth it for you ? • Q&A
  2. Confidential © Fauna, Inc. 2020 3 Active-active architectures • Introductio

    n • Challenge s • Data layer option s • Deploymen t • DN S • Log s • Solution overview
  3. Confidential © Fauna, Inc. 2020 5 Who am I? •

    Head of DA at Faun a • Former AWS Serverless D A • Previous SaaS startup co-founde r • Global active-active architectur e • Including telecom interconnects!
  4. Confidential © Fauna, Inc. 2020 6 What is an active-active

    architecture? Your entire app 
 (us-east-2 )
  5. Confidential © Fauna, Inc. 2020 7 What is an active-active

    architecture? Your entire app 
 (us-east-2 ) Also your entire app 
 (us-west-2 )
  6. Confidential © Fauna, Inc. 2020 9 Classical benefits Zero-downtime Real-time

    RPO/RTO Little to no data loss Serverless already has this!
  7. Confidential © Fauna, Inc. 2020 10 Serverless benefits Satisfy compliance

    requirements Reduce latency Minimal increase 
 in spending
  8. Confidential © Fauna, Inc. 2020 21 Use a framework within

    a pipeline circleci.com/developer/orbs
  9. Confidential © Fauna, Inc. 2020 37 Logs • Aggregate logs

    across region s • Use Lambda extensions to ship logs to the aggregato r • This is actually cheaper than CloudWatch Logs ! • CWL - $530/T B • KDF + S3 - $52/TB fauna.link/aa-logs
  10. Confidential © Fauna, Inc. 2020 45 Review • Introductio n

    • Challenge s • Data layer option s • Deploymen t • DN S • Log s • Solution overview
  11. Confidential © Fauna, Inc. 2020 46 Thank you! • Go

    build something! ◦ fauna.link/labs • Follow us on Twitch: ◦ FaunaInc ◦ RobSutter • Follow us on Twitter: ◦ @fauna ◦ @rts_rob