Framing the Canvas (November 2014)

Framing the Canvas (November 2014)

[Presented at Berlin DevFest 2014 and Droidcon NL 2014]

This talk will guide you through a topic that is often ignored: the Canvas API. Even if there's only scarce documentation for it, the Canvas API is at the heart of everything that shows a UI on Android. You'll need to tame this powerful and mysterious creature if you want to create great custom views and brilliant, lightweight UIs for your apps.

What is a Canvas? How do you Paint? Can you draw Paths? What is Skia, and who invited it anyway? What actually happens during a drawing pass? What are Shaders? What are Filters? Is it true that text is basically impossible to measure correctly? What shape does a Shape have if noone's painting it? These and other questions will get an answer during this session. Well, some of them will not, probably.

Connect the dots in the spotty documentation the Android team has assembled, and become a true pixel pusher!


Sebastiano Poggi

November 22, 2014