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HaCkD (Hacker's Den) Intro

HaCkD (Hacker's Den) Intro

HaCkD is an innovation and knowledge sharing hub.
Please refer to http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html for the proper definition of 'Hacker'.

Avinash Sonawane

July 04, 2013

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  1. HaCkD
    (Hacker's Den)

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  2. What's There In The Name?


    Hacker Culture

    MIT AI Lab 1960s

    RMS – GNU (1983)

    Hacker Ethics




    World Improvement

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  3. Why HaCkD ?

    PICT 2 years ago :)

    And Now :(
    – No Innovation
    – No Exciting Stuff

    So HaCkD!
    – Innovation Hub – Projects
    – Knowledge Sharing Hub – Ideas

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  4. Current Status ?

    1) Google
    2) Mozilla

    Official Recognition

    Alumni Support

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  5. What ?! That's It ?

    Remember Decentralization?

    No Dictatorship

    We all are HaCkD!

    Chance to build from scratch

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  6. What's In Store ?

    ICPC – Algorithms, Internal contests

    Projects – Android Apps, Facebook Apps, API

    Web Development

    Embedded – Raspberry Pi, Arduino,
    Beagleboard etc.

    New Language / Technology – Ruby, Python,
    Django etc.

    Hackathons sponsored by Mozilla and / or Google

    Alumni – Talks

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  7. What's NOT In Store ?

    No Spoon Feeding

    No Fees of Any Kind Ever!

    No Proprietary Products

    Everything Developed at HaCkD – Free As in

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  8. Who Should Join ?



    Don't have to be a master

    No language bar
    – Hate language foo? Fine!

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  9. Who Should NOT ?

    Show Off

    Who Don't Respect Others (Newbies)

    Hoping Placement Benefit

    Hoping Percentage Benefit

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  10. Feedback

    Suggestions, Queries ?
    Email :
    [email protected]
    FB Group :

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  11. “Let The Hacking Begin!”

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