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There is no app - Blurring the lines between apps and mobile platform

Roy Cornelissen
September 22, 2016

There is no app - Blurring the lines between apps and mobile platform

Presentation delivered at LevelUp Mobile 2016, Leusden

Mobile platforms are evolving and getting richer and richer in features with every new release. The OS itself is becoming the primary interface for users to interact with, as are a new category of (wearable) devices.

What does this mean for us as app developers? Are the days of the traditional “mobile app” numbered? How do we serve our end users and optimize their mobile moment as much as possible?

The average smartphone owner has installed over 100 apps on their phone while they only use between 3 and 5 apps a day. By integrating your app more deeply into the mobile operating system can greatly increase the usage of the app. During this session we will show what you can do to integrate your apps in the Windows, iOS and Android platforms to keep your app top of mind. We’ll look at spotlight search, universal links, app indexing, Cortana integration and other APIs provided by iOS and Google Play services to engage your users in your apps. We’ll also look at new interaction models that are closer to the mobile platform: widgets, 3D-Touch, etc.

Roy Cornelissen

September 22, 2016

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  1. blurring the lines between apps and mobile platform
    Mobile Lead
    Xpirit Netherlands

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  4. 189M
    a day
    mins on phone
    mins in

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  12. On desktop, you designed for the web
    On mobile, you design for the platform

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  13. Native FTW!!1!

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  16. iMessage

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  17. iMessage

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  18. Great, now what?!

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  23. iOS Windows
    Visual Studio
    Android Studio
    No shared code • Many languages & development environments • Multiple teams

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  24. Shared C# codebase • 100% native API access • High performance
    iOS C# UI Windows C# UI
    Android C# UI
    Shared C# Mobile

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  25. Traditional Xamarin
    With Xamarin.Forms:
    More code-sharing, all native
    iOS C# UI Windows C# UI
    Android C# UI
    Shared C# Backend
    Shared UI Code
    Shared C# Backend

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  28. Mobile isn’t neutral
    Keep up with the platforms
    Open up your app
    Decompose your app
    Relatively easy to integrate

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  29. @roycornelissen
    [email protected]

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