Life is a Slice of State: React/Redux Patterns for a New Generation

Life is a Slice of State: React/Redux Patterns for a New Generation

Solid design patterns are crucial to building maintainable, readable, and reusable code. Implementing design patterns that are well tested, and proven development paradigms, allows us to write elegant and reusable solutions to common challenges within an application.

While there are many common patterns that are customarily used, it is important to examine the tradeoffs of each with regards to the codebase and/or team you are currently working within. Don't be afraid to explore and develop your own - there is no "one size fits all pattern", especially when working with relatively new libraries and frameworks.

During this talk, we will cover the Redux Data Lifecycle, some core concepts for React/Redux applications, weigh in on some common design patterns around accessing and managing the state tree and explore some new patterns we are implementing at Mavenlink.


This talk was given @ Diversity in Tech: Women Level Up (, on November 27, 2017


Ryan D Haase

November 27, 2017