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Stardust Ranch

Ryan Meglino
January 23, 2023

Stardust Ranch

Ryan Meglino

January 23, 2023

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  1. The Story of Stardust Back in the day, Stardust Ranch

    was your typical cattle ranch until one night, a comet crash landed into the Skyward Spring in the middle of the property. Big Al, a Stardust ranch hand, mechanic, and tinkerer saw the impact from his workshed and went to investigate. He found that the spring had been imbued with the comet’s cosmic energy, and from it, he could harness a fuel that would help him create new and fantastical inventions for the ranch.
  2. Stardust Now After years of mystery, Stardust has opened its

    gates to the public. Stardust Ranch wants to unveil all its fantastical technology to the world, and Big Al wants to make a day of it. The Ranch is decked out for the occasion with shows, decor and signage, and walkaround interactions designed to celebrate Stardust’s Big Reveal. Everyone at the ranch has prepared for new guests with food, music, fun, and hospitality as they show the world Big Al’s inventions, and hint at his latest creation.
  3. The Spirit of Stardust - Big Al’s Critters are the

    latest and greatest in automated ranch hand technology; very helpful and very cute - The farm equipment of the future - Free-roaming, interactive animatronics that walk and care for Stardust
  4. A Day At Stardust Begin your day at the Stardust

    Spring, taking in the sights and sounds of the working ranch. Head to Raised on the Ranch and get a sense for the history and inner workings of Stardust. Visit the petting zoo, and get acquainted with the critters. You might even spot Big Al! Then head to lunch at the saloon, or if you’re feeling fancy, indulge in farm-to-table excellence at our Steakhouse. Head to the E-Ticket experience BigSky Drivers, and experience the thrills of being a cattle driver of tomorrow! After your adventure, build your very own critter at the critter factory! Conclude your opening day visit with a stop at the Stardust Spring, and witness the critters assemble for the end-of-day ritual in a spectacular you won’t want to miss!
  5. Take a Load Off at Stardust Free-Roaming Petting Zoo Meet

    the Critters up close Interactions and photo-ops of the Critters mixed with the real-life livestock they care for Feed the critters nuts and Bolts to keep them happy
  6. Free-Roaming Petting Zoo Feed the Animals Learn about how to

    maintain their habitat Learn about to perform maintenance Learn who takes care of them Learn what the animals do
  7. Merchandise Stores will be at the end of each small

    attraction Free Roaming Petting Zoo At the end of the ride you will exit into the barn store and be able to Build your own robot farm animal Raised on the Ranch Once you get off the boats you will exit into a greenhouse store as part of the and Buy a Bobo robot and plush. You will also be able to buy seeds and varying plants to grow on your own.
  8. Take a Load Off at Stardust - Starry-Eyed Saloon -

    The watering hole for Stardust’s ranch hands for generations - Quick, casual menu for the whole family - Live music and dancing in the evenings courtesy of Stardust’s own Cometeers (Bobo gets to play the triangle) - Skylight Steakhouse - Farm-to-fork of the future - An old dining hall, renewed and reinvented by Big Al’s technology - Seasonal, rotating manu based on produce from local farmers - Farmer’s Market - Food kiosks set up around the ranch, offering quick bites and sweet snacks as part of Stardust’s Big Reveal
  9. Raised on The Ranch Big Al wants to showcase the

    story and innovations at Stardust Bobo the mechanical “pup” will show you around but will occasionally glitch along the way. Bobo is Big Al’s first and favorite critter and is now responsible for welcoming guests to the ranch (as best as he can). Big Al’s First Critter
  10. Raised on the Ranch Big Al, the Tinkerer Stardust in

    the Yesteryear What grows there? Where does it go? The Critters Revolution New Foods New Ways to Transport Farm to Table Glitch Glitch Designated Tour Guide: Bobo
  11. Ride Overview Big Sky Drivers is a multi-launch bike coaster

    taking riders through the hills and thrills of a cattle drive, bringing the Texas cowboy tradition into the future! Riders are becoming trainees on the ranch cattle driving crew, and are going do a test run with the new, state of the art cattle training bots. The session starts out as planned, but the bull-bots go haywire, and it’s up to the riders to save the day in a high-speed, futuristic, cattle-driving adventure!
  12. Goodnight, Stardust At the end of the day, Stardust Ranch

    powers down for the night. Upon closing announcement, all of the land’s critters return to the Skyward Spring, entering the water to rest and recharge for the night, all set to Bobo’s favorite song Guests are invited to view the power down procedure, or as Big Al calls it: the ‘electro-bio-hydro-lumo spectacular’