SysadminDays - Nestor

0db58914e0e9877481c530903739b983?s=47 Saâd Dif
November 19, 2019

SysadminDays - Nestor

Déploiement et gestion du cycle de vie de micro-services sur Kubernetes avec un outil maison

Kapten's tech team is looking for a tool to deploy and manage their microservices. The quest to find a sharp tool looked gloomy at that time without any existing tool answering all the pressing needs for our knights. Knights of the round table gathered and embraced the challenge to give birth to Nestor. One tool to rule them all!

Nestor is our valiant tool allowing every soul in the tech kingdom to interact with microservices without the need to be a container or orchestration wizard.

Our fearless tech team uses it daily, its goal is simple yet complex: Manage, configure and deploy our audacious microservices stack, which is growing at the speed of light.


Saâd Dif

November 19, 2019